How Kim and the Kardashian Sisters Switched from Balenciaga to Dolce & Gabbana?

When fashion and people walk hand in hand, big money and juicy contracts can make you forget everything. The kardashians do they remember that in 2018, Stefano Gabbana called them “cheapest people in the world” in an Instagram comment since deleted? The DietPrada account, which had exposed the case, did not erase anything. In the heights of Calabasas, it seems to have been lifted from memory or simply swept under the rug. This September 24, in full Milan Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana presented a collection in collaboration with Kim Kardashian. A new step in a well-honed communication plan to which the famous family and the two creators seem to have been lending themselves for a few months, out of a taste for power and dollars!

The Kardashians in Dolce & Gabbana fashion

The concept is simple: Kim Kardashian chose her favorite Dolce pieces from the collections from 1987 to 2007 (the most inspiring years at the moment, nothing is left to chance) for the two designers to re-imagine. Everything is obviously accompanied by a Kim who does not skimp with the promotion to her 330 million subscribers, #CiaoKim #DolceGabbana. An idea that would have come up last May at the wedding of Travis Scott and Kourtney Kardashian organized in Portofino at the two designers. For their third ceremony (just that), the couple and their entire family had invaded Italy in what looked like a giant D&G happening. It’s still unclear whether the brand has flushed out the sisters to play sandwich ladies and all come in Gabbana clothes. The duo only confirmed “host” the event – understand, not charging Travis and Kourtney anything for the festivities. What is certain is that the wedding has sealed, between the Kardashians and Dolce & Gabbanathe start of an alliance that promises to be fruitful.

Unity is strength

“Yes, I have this very futuristic alien Barbie personality that I love, explained, according to vogue Kim at a press conference. But in my soul, I feel at the same time very sensual Italian mafia woman. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say that…” It is neither Domenico Dolce neither Stefano Gabbana who should be offended, the fashion world no longer counting the racist, misogynistic and grossophobic outings of the two creators. It is surely in view of these repeated scandals that they had to change their minds on the Kardashian. To continue to prosper despite the controversies, what better than to offer the services of the famous family, just to make the brand shine with their XXL community? For the sisters, who for a long time had to struggle to be accepted in the very closed circle of fashion, being dubbed by D&G only reinforces their hard-earned legitimacy. Too bad if, for one season, they are unfaithful to Demna! Their control also passes by their omnipresence, even if that means signing with the problematic creators. As the magazine writes Glamour, “time has shown that (the Kardashians) can’t be ‘cancelled’ no matter how much the internet wants it, much like Dolce and Gabbana”. Forget honor or integrity when the love of fame and high heels is stronger than anything…

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