“How long is the sacrifice without seeing anything in return?”

A young man who is studying medicine and lives in the province of Mayabeque He summoned the Cuban Government to respond until when will it demand more sacrifices from the people without the population being able to see the slightest sign of progress as a reward.

“How long is the sacrifice without seeing anything in return? Someone is supposed to sacrifice for a purpose, it is unwise to do it in vain and even less a lifetime. Well, during these very difficult days, that is what the leaders of the country are asking for, without showing the people what strategy is going to be taken, how my effort will impact the advancement of the nation,” wrote the young Yordy Gómez at the beginning of an extensive publication in Facebook that titled “Sacrifice or death?”.

“Asking someone to sacrifice themselves without clarifying why they are doing it and the objectives of said sacrifice is nothing more than lying to them”, indicated the young man below, who explained that he decided to write after spending a night on medical duty to which he arrived without sleeping due to the continuous blackouts. On his return it was found that he couldn’t rest either because there was another power outage.

“I know that I am not the only one to whom this must have happened, but I am not going to remain silent like the rest,” he warned, and then asked for answers and the deadline for the sacrifice.

“I want answers, I want to know why I am wasting the best years of my life sacrificing myself without seeing progress and why my parents and my parents’ parents have done it”he demanded.

I want to know why when I graduate I will not have a decent salary with which I can satisfy my basic needs after having studied for 6 sacrificed years, with which I can carry out so many plans that one imagines when young and that we believe that with the title in hand everything will be easier”, he added to his demands.

“I want to know what the deadline for sacrifice is, when is the day when we finally say ‘we already sacrificed ourselves, now to enjoy’, or at least not sacrifice ourselves as at the beginning but what is necessary to be a normal human being, in a normal country, where sacrifice is rewarded,” he added.

Yordy Gómez asked the regime why Cubans have to settle for “crumbs” when there are many desires to prosper in the minds of the island’s citizens.

Source: Capture of Facebook / Yordy Gómez

Something that, as he specified, “is demonstrated by all those countrymen who have left the country and live off the sweat of their work, showing that the problem is here, because it is the same individual in a different system.”

In the final segment of his writing, the young man -resident in the municipality of San Nicolás de Bari- made reference to the discontent and disappointment that reigns in Cuban society.

“There is an immense laziness that the only thing it will bring will be worse times and I understand it because anyone’s desire to fulfill their duty is exhausted if they are not paid well and stimulated as they know they deserve it,” concluded Gómez, whose publication at the end of this note accumulates more than 2 thousand reactions and 1,100 comments, many of them abounding in the feeling of frustration and impotence that invades the residents of the island.

The reflection of the young medical student from Mayabeque adds to other similar ones that have flooded social networks in recent months.

Meanwhile, in the midst of a context marked by perennial scarcity and the emigration of more than 177,000 Cubans in just ten months, Miguel Díaz-Canel insists on asking for “creative resistance” from the people.

“That will improve and in the average in which we have more supply later with the measures we are taking in the economy, this will be better. What we cannot let ourselves be defeated. Okay? We resist but creatively and we go forward and we go Go for more and we will win. Okay?” he said last week in statements reported by the official Cuban press.

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