How Maggie and Negan Spinoff Ruined The Walking Dead’s Final Episodes

The Walking Dead is about to come to an end with season 11. One of the most recent episodes of AMC’s zombie drama told a pivotal story for Negan. However, this one was lacking in emotion, as the announced spin-off of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character alongside Maggie ruined everything.

The Walking Deadthe successful zombie drama of the huge franchise inspired by the comic book saga of Robert Kirkman which premiered in 2010, is wrapping up with the final episodes of season 11 through the broadcast network AMC. There are only three pending episodes for the closing of the arc of each of the characters, whose last broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, November 20.

The Walking Dead Spin-Offs Ruined Negan’s Arc In Season 11 Episode 21

The series that has kept millions of fans hooked for over a decade may be coming to an end with season 11, but one of the most recent episodes left many viewers disappointed as the Negan-centric story arc was devoid of emotion.

In episode 21, titled ‘Outpost 22’, which aired last Sunday, Negan teamed up with Ezekiel to fight the Commonwealth. Among other things, the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan he said that he did not expect to survive the battle, leading fans to believe that the former villain would sacrifice himself to defeat the mega-community.

However, fans apparently have nothing to worry about as Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has already been announced as part of the Dean spinoff. The Walking Dead, Dead Citywhich will star alongside to Lauren Cohan like Maggie. Now, whatever happens in the three episodes of The Walking Dead that are yet to air, fans will not care what the situation is that both characters go through, because they will make it out alive. Something that fans believe will not make sense.

The Walking Dead season 11 episode 21 was lacking in emotion

The fact that the spin-off The Walking Dead: Dead City was announced well before the premiere of the last 8 episodes of the main series, took the excitement away from the concluding arc of the two main characters, including that of Norman ReedusDaryl Dixon, who will also star in his own spin-off series scheduled to air in 2023.

Negan, Maggie and Daryl will make it out alive at the end of The Walking Dead Season 11, and knowing their upcoming shows will focus on new post-apocalyptic adventures takes the suspense out of the final episodes of the AMC series. Many consider that it was a mistake on the part of the franchise, however, it would be good to wait for the final installment on November 20 to see what will happen.

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