How many cosmetic surgeries has Shakira had by 2023? , List

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shakira She has gained a lot of popularity in the past year because she is single, but, as everyone knows what she does and doesn’t do, they also pay attention to her physical appearance, since I left Pique she Looks more updated and even better, she changed her clothing style too. These radical changes are due to long cosmetic surgery list under which it is done. We present to you all the times he has been in the operating room so far 2023,

The Colombian singer became famous at the young age of 14 and since then, at the age of 46, she has lived a life in the limelight in which she has experienced many successes, many things like her life in Barcelona. ​Two pregnancies and now a new life in Miami. Through the years, it is clear that things have changed and she is no longer the young lady she used to be, leading her to resort to some minor arrangements.

Shakira’s looks have improved for the better and despite her age, she does not look much over her 20s, which has helped her steal the eyes of younger celebrities, such as the actor Happened to Henry Cavill. Jimmy Butler and Lewis Hamilton, with whom she had a romantic relationship a few months earlier.


Has Shakira Had Cosmetic Surgery?

The interpreter of hits such as ‘Hips don’t lie’ and ‘I congregate you’ has never accepted the fact that she had to go through the operating room to maintain such a slim body and divine face, for which she is admired around the world. are recognized in However, beauty experts say it’s also revealed a List full of alleged cosmetic surgery for which the Colombian would have resorted to 2023 With 46 years.


Comparing photos from several years ago to the most current photos, you can see that her nose is a bit sharper than before, although its shape is still very natural. She also reportedly paid several dollars for a bichectomy to remove cheek fat, a celebrity favorite for slimming the face.

And finally, a mentoplasty which works to improve facial proportions by adding or removing part of the jawbone. it’s true no there’s no doubt about it shakira She has matchless beauty and voice to fall in love with.

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