How many episodes does the sci-fi series with Chloë Grace Moretz have? Release dates on Amazon

William Gibson, the illustrious science fiction writer pioneer of cyberpunk, has had a well-nourished relationship with the adaptations of his work to the screen, most of the time uneven and many others unrecognized. ThePeripheral, the series of Amazon Prime Video which adapts his homonymous novel from 2014, is the latest addition to his audiovisual universe, with very good reception results on the platform.

Chloë Grace Moretz stars The Peripheral as Flynne Fisher, a young gamer who lives in a remote Appalachian town and is a fan of simulation video games, which she plays sharing an avatar with her brother (Jack Reynor), Navy veteran. The story is set in the year 2032, when the brothers are given the opportunity to test the development version of a new game that turns out to be too real and capable of transporting the protagonist to the future.

Scott B.Smith, writer of the novels a simple plan Y The ruins of whose film adaptations he himself signed the scripts, is the creator of the series of ThePeripheral, which is also sold with the pedigree they provide Jonathan Nolan Y Lisa Joy as executive producers. This is the first project from the creators of Westworld within the lucrative contract they signed with AmazonStudios.

the filmmaker Vincenzo Nataly (Cube, Cypher), who also appears as executive producer of the series, has directed the first two of the total of eight episodes that make up the first season of ThePeripheral, which will follow a weekly premiere schedule on Prime Video.

When do ‘The Peripheral’ episodes premiere?

Every Friday at 9:01 AM (Spanish peninsular time) you can count on a new episode of The Peripheral on Prime Video. This will be until December 2, the premiere date of the last episode of the season. This is the scheduled release schedule:

The Peripheral, episode 3 premieres on October 28.

The Peripheral, episode 4 premieres on November 4.

The Peripheral, episode 5 premieres on November 11.

The Peripheral, episode 6 premieres on November 18.

The Peripheral, episode 7 premieres on November 25.

The Peripheral, episode 8 premieres on December 2.

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