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Mat Piscatella, an analyst at Circana in the US, says that “people should quickly get used to the fact that there are no physical versions of the Xbox in stores.”

Would you like it physical video game market will it be eliminated? At 3DJuegos we believe that the physical format of video games should not die, but it depends a lot on where players buy and the desire of the companies. digital stores were, are and will be a fundamental element of this ecosystem that will continue to grow, and that is why it is time to ask yourself the following question: how much there are several generations left so Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation fully digital?

This answer was answered by Mat Piscatella, CEO of Circana, on X/Twitter, responding to the CEO of Limited Run Games, who said that “the Xbox version of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Collector’s Edition not intended for retail traditional,” and the analyst said the following: “People should probably get used to it (no physical versions of Xbox) in the shop “Sooner rather than later,” he says.

While Phil Spencer has stated that Xbox will not abandon the physical market, there are those who believe that Microsoft’s next console will be completely digital because “a large portion of our community buys digital games.” In fact, the next Xbox Series X|S models, due out around Christmas 2024, will be digital, with the exception of a limited edition. We also cannot forget the case of Hellblade 2, which debuted only in digital format and at a reduced price.

What about Nintendo and PlayStation?

Not much is known about the next generation of Xbox, except that its two main goals are saving the game and backward compatibility. Regarding Nintendo and PlayStation, Piscatella is somewhat succinct and says that we give “PlayStation another generation and Nintendo another two“sales of physical games at retail. This is an analyst’s opinion after all, but the interesting thing about the big N is that Nintendo managed to sell more digital games than physical games in a fiscal year for the first time in its history.”

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