How many goals has Henry Martín scored with América? Close to historical Halftime

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There is no doubt that after Qatar World Cup 2022, Henry Martin he came back inspired. The front of the America is signing his best start to the tournament as a scorer in his career, since in the Closing 2023 he has five goals in four games played and has only started in three of them.

The Yucatecan achieved a triplet this weekend in the cream-blue win over Mazatlan and with that he managed to place himself at the top of the individual scoring table with his five goals, a situation that has even earned him to be the best Mexican in that category so far.

Said goalscoring quota exceeds what he managed to do with Xolos in the League from 2015 to 2017 -he scored four goals- that he was signed by the Coapa team. In the Clausura 2018, in his first campaign with the Eagles He achieved those same five goals that he adds today and the critics did not wait.

It was in Apertura 2019 when he exploded as a scorer by achieving a total harvest of eight scores, but his best tournament was signed only in Apertura 2022 with 10 goals and that earned him a place in the Mexican team who competed in the World Cup.

In fact, he began to obtain those 10 goals from Matchday 6 and in this championship, the fourth date was barely played and he already has half of that amount.

The best forward of the Eagles

With the hat-trick scored last weekend, Henry has scored 73 goals in his crema blue shirt. Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Oribe Peralta They left their mark as the top scorers in Coapa with 74 goals in the 21st century.

Thus, Henry is one goal away from equaling them and, in the campaign, he can even leave them behind and head off to beat Salvador Cabanas, who is the best network breaker in America this century with 98 goals; In addition to surpassing the mark of 10 goals from him in a tournament, continuing with the inertia with which he began this 2023.

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