How many interventions have been made so far in 2023 – Gualeguachu Day

Every third Friday in November is World Vasectomy Day. It is an irreversible contraceptive method performed through simple surgery on the vas deferens that carries sperm from the testicles to the penis. It is for people who decide not to have children, or who already have children and do not want to have more children.

After vasectomy, ejaculation continues normally, erection is not affected and there is no change in sexual pleasure. The shape of semen is similar, but it does not contain sperm.

Vasectomy starts being effective after the first three months or after the first 20 ejaculations, so it is advisable to use some other method in that period and go for a medical checkup to check its effectiveness.

In this regard, Dr. Federico Rodríguez, urologist at the Hospital Centenario, commented that “In recent years, vasectomies have begun to be performed in the hospital, and the number of consultations is increasing, every day more and more people are consulted Is,” he said.

According to estimates shared by the professional, about four interventions of this type are carried out per week in the Centenario Hospital, with more than 160 carried out so far in 2023. And the number is increasing, perform simple operations in both consultation and decision.

Describing what the surgery is like, he explained, “It’s an outpatient procedure, we do it with local anesthesia, there’s a mild postoperative period, with a few days of rest, no physical activity, and the patient Can return to work quickly, as the surgery is minimally invasive surgery,” he explained.

Similarly, he said that after the intervention the patient will have to spend 20 days without playing sports, 7 days without having sex and will be discharged with a negative sperm count.

It is worth clarifying that vasectomy does not protect against HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections. That is why double protection with the use of condoms is recommended.

What are the requirements?

National Law No. 26,130 establishes that, from the age of majority, people can undergo sterilization free of charge.

The current Civil Code recognizes that from the age of 16 people can take all decisions regarding the care of their body autonomously. It is a requirement to record the decision in writing only after receiving complete and understandable information.

Consent of the couple or anyone else is not necessary, nor is it necessary to have children.

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