How many types of jeans are there and which one suits you best?

“My only regret is that I didn’t invent jeans”said Yves Saint Laurent. These types of pants are the most versatile garment in our closet. For some, the uniform of every day, with which they go to study, to work or even with which they go out to parties. They are part of the collective imagination. since the 1950s (with movie icons like Marlon Brandon, in Wild, or James Dean, in rebel without a cause), although jeans were invented eight decades before Jacob Davisa young tailor born in Latvia.

That immigrant spent time in Canada, before settling in the US. He is considered the inventor of modern jeans, understood as pants sewn with sturdy fabric (canvas, denim, or denim) and copper rivets to strengthen the weak points of the seams.

He designed them for a woodcutter, but they soon became very popular with miners of the Golden fever and the railroad workers. Davis was overwhelmed by so much demand. He couldn’t keep up. So he looked for a partner, and found it in the German-born Jewish immigrant levi strauss.

Although together they presented the patent for reinforced jeans in 1873, the person who is remembered for the invention is Levi Strauss, that he began to mass-produce them in his factory in San Francisco (California). The great popularity of him came in 1890 with the mythical model 501.

Since the middle of the 20th century, this garment has been reinvented hundreds of times and turned into a staple by the younger generations, who adapted it to their tastes: bikers in the 50’s pulled pants denim straight, the hippies 60’s they opted for the bell cut, skinny jeans were the favorite of 70’s punks and in the 80 and 90 devastated the mom jeans of the supertops. Until today, when the catalog of models is very varied.

In order not to get lost with so many styles, here is a guide denim of the 10 most fashionable models and who they favor the most: we will focus on the female audience, but the names of the jeans are the same in their male version.


With a relaxed silhouette, these pants are inspired by yoga pants, providing comfort and freshness. High waisted and fitted, flare from the hip to below the ankle. With this model you have to follow the golden rule of proportion: if you opt for this baggy garment, combine it with something tighter above, or accessories that frame, or play with the layers or a belt. To stylize the silhouette, in the absence of centimeters, Victoria Beckham the hem is usually folded out, so that his ankles can be seen.


A cousin of the previous model, these jeans are high-waisted, with a shorter length and somewhat straight, and with that wavy effect characteristic that gives it the name of balloonsince I knowIt widens in the upper central area and then narrows again when it reaches the ankles.. Volume vintage top and comfort above all. Ideal for rectangular or inverted triangle silhouettes.


The favorites of the fashionistas for some years. They are, literally, the pants that you would borrow from your boy or your father. Comfortable and relaxed, they are of the style casual It is worn especially in spring and summer. designs very wide low rise, that fall straight and they usually come full of tears and seams. They combine phenomenally with men’s shirts oversized, as long as you mark the waist by tucking it into the pants, or with a knot. The touch 10, take them with a blazer.


Is he star cut since last spring. It begins to widen just below the rear and the bass is broader, reminiscent of the famous elephant foot pants from the 70s. They flatter almost all shapes, but they look particularly good on tall people. They are perfect for concealing curves or optically reducing the thigh. Better with heels or wedges; stylize more.

low rise

There are no half measures with this model two thousander, which is back. For some they are the most feared in history, and for others, the most comfortable cut. They were the uniform of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Gigi Hadid, ideal for showing off a slender silhouette, wasp waist and zero belly. Jeans at the hip, with a low waist, and either above or below the ankles, are the perfect pair to wear with tops.

Mom Fit

Its main characteristic is that it is the pants that cover the entire part of the waist. “These are the jeans our mothers wore in the 90s”, say their fans today. His shot is high, elongates the shape of the buttocks and legs, and ends just above the ankle. It is a basic whatever your height. Surely you remember Rachel, Monica and Phoebe in friends with this model. It is usually worn with strappy sandals, mules (open-backed shoes) and ballerinas.

Skinny (or skinny)

The king model a few years ago is by right a whole classic, in addition to a basic in the streets. It is a type of very tight ankle-length pants and its name is derived because they are like “a second skin”. It enhances thin or very thin people, whether they are tall or short, and who are looking for a sexy result. It is the model that it is manufactured in more colorsBesides denimwhite, gray or black, it is in the rest of the rainbow tones.


It is also a narrow model, but not that much. They tend to be more attached to the top and looser, below. As they are not so tight to the ankles, many people tend to roll them up in this area. Normally, they have a medium waist, but above all, low, and they are ideal to wear with sneakers, ballerinas or sandals. Perfect if you have slim or not too long legs.


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The quintessential classic, also called regular or straight. A straight leg, from the pelvis to the ankles, that highlights the body without being tight. the jeans that They succeeded in the 50s and 60s and in the 90s They have two clear advantages: they favor all figures and they are extremely comfortable. It’s the best bet for visually balancing large thighs and calves.

wide leg

They bear similarities with the flare, but in this case it is a model with a straighter leg, without a bell, or elephant’s foot, so exaggerated. Its origins date back to the 1930swhen women began to dare to wear pants, but only to be at home or go to the beach (less The beast of my girl, Katharine Hepburn, who did not take them off even when filming, to the headache of Hollywood producers). They made a comeback in the 70s, looking for the glamor that the hippy revolution had swept away. Rather for tall than low silhouettes, it combines equally with platforms or sneakers.


This American staple fabric it was invented far from america. The first known use of denim it’s like twill material (fabric that was used in military uniforms) in Nimes, France, in 1850. Historically, the fabrics were named after the place where they came from; Nimes twill evolved into Nim’s.

five pockets

The fifth pocket on jeans was not created for aesthetics, but for a useful purpose. Levi Strauss & Co says that the first cowboyswho wore chain watches, used to keep them there, in the pouch that they had attached to the waist. Later it has housed matches, Zippos, public transport tickets and even condoms.


It is estimated that they are needed more than 8,000 liters of water to produce the cotton needed to make jeans. As if you fill the bathtub 100 times. They are often somewhat elastic, the result of mixing cotton with synthetic materials such as lycra or elastane, a fiber that is very difficult to recycle.


Surely you have ever wondered the meaning of these acronyms on the zipper of your fly. The answer lies with the manufacturer: Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (hence the initials YKK). The Japanese is responsible for more than 90% of the world’s zippers.

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