How Megan Fox And Ex Brian Austin Green Are Co-Parents Amid Their Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

We’ve been programmed to equate breakups and divorce with failure in our society, but sometimes these kinds of endings can open the door to a better chapter for a family. Take for example Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who split after a decade as husband and wife. Since going their separate ways, they have each found love, and the two are reportedly in a “healthy” co-parenting relationship.

Like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly keep planning your wedding, a new report has indicated that Fox and her ex-husband have “blended” their two families in a “cordial” manner. By Eastern TimeBrian Austin Green is “very proud” of the new chapter in his life where he can be in all of his children’s lives and build something new with dancing with the starsSharna Burgess, with whom she now shares a son.

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