How much did each fan spend on average to attend a Taylor Swift concert at CDMX?

Taylor Swift at Foro Sol (Jovani Perez/Infobay Mexico)

k4 concert Taylor Swift In this sun forum of Mexico City became unforgettable events for all Swifties To those who had the pleasure of being in front of a stage where their idol interpreted the lyrics of their songs in large numbers, thank you Eras Tour,

But, just 10 days after the presentations in the Mexican capital, the cost of the presentation began to rack up for each attendee. had a significant impact on its economy, However, it should be noted that this figure varies between people who had to travel and pay for accommodation, or the manner in which they obtained their accommodation. stamp,

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, the average is just over 15 thousand pesos per person, Instead, information is collected Infobay Mexico concluded that this figure was reduced for some by not having to rent a hotel room or house to avoid traveling to their native places at the end of the program. Taylor Swift,

FILE – Taylor Swift made four appearances at Foro Soul to full houses, indicating that more than 260,000 people attended one of her concerts. (AP Photo/George Walker IV, File)

Sofia Otero, A swifty, who participated in the first show of the interpreter MagicIt was shared through communication that the cost of the tickets was 11 thousand pesos, plus the transportation, as well as the clothes they used exclusively for the show, adding the purchases made on the spot, this figure increased to approx. 14 thousand pesos Mexican.

On the other hand, Laura Pavia, resident Mexico Citydecided to go in large numbers friendship braceletsTo which was added the purchase of clothing and tickets, yielding an average expenditure of 7 thousand 600 pesos Mexican.

Juan Jose Parcero, the lucky fan who got a ticket at the ticket release osesa A few days before the event, he assured that his per capita expenditure would be around 3 thousand 100 mexican pesosBut it should be noted that it is not taken friendship bracelets Nor any special attire to see the concert.

Marlem Suarez was one of the assistants who had the least expenses to see a show Eras Tour In Mexico CityAccording to his testimony, there was an economic impact on his pocket 2 thousand 600 mexican pesoswhich includes a costume dedicated to the concert and a large number of friendship bracelets,

One of the surprise songs at one of Taylor Swift’s concerts was “Snow on the Beach”. Credits: Twitter: @MundoSwiftt

unfortunately for some fans Taylor Swiftthey didn’t come from there Mexico City And so plane tickets and accommodation had to be added to these general expenses, as it was difficult for many to return to their native place at the end of the concert.

According to evidence on social networks, there were Swifties who passed 30 thousand pesos Total. Others who shared that they bought a VIP package spent close to 50 thousand Mexican pesos, One of the aspects that raised this figure the most was for plane tickets and accommodation, with one fan sharing that she used a little more than 5 thousand pesos Transportation only.

Outside of these statements, total inflows are in varying numbers, from 2,000 pesos in national Mexican currency to a little over 40,000 pesos.

Taylor Swift performed four concerts of The Eraze Tour in Mexico before the full Foreo Sol. @ForoSolOfficial / Taylor Swift.

According to a survey conducted by Forbes based on the per capita spending of 15,000 pesos, it was reported that the total spending Swifties left for Mexico City belonged to 3 million 987 thousand 269 thousand pesos, Very high figure for a concert.

However, for some attendees plane tickets, accommodation, food, tours, among other factors, the total economic benefit was just over billion pesosThis figure is estimated by the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism Mexico City, thanks for the concerts Taylor Swift,

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