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Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee was stunned after paying $164 for four packs of cigarettes in Australia, a country where he was on tour with his band.

He made this clear on his Instagram account, in which he showed a receipt from the 7-Eleven chain and wrote: “$251.96 for a 4 pack of cigarettes here in Melbourne!!! “.

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The figure raised by Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband is expressed in Australian dollars, which is why it is different from the figure expressed at the beginning of the note.

British newspaper regarding the incident… Guardian Recalled that the price of cigarettes in Australia has reached more than $40 per pack due to high tobacco taxes aimed at curbing smoking.

The strategy appears to have worked: the number of smokers in the country’s population has dropped to 10 percent.

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“Australia follows international best practice on tobacco taxes: 77 per cent of the retail price of cigarettes goes to taxes,” said Coral Gartner, research director at the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health.

The university professor said, “If Tommy Lee visited New Zealand, he would be surprised to find that cigarette prices are just as high, and taxes account for about 83 percent of the retail price.”

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