How much did the Covid emergency cost and what will happen to precarious workers

PALERMO – Covid cost the provincial health authority of Palermo about 75 million euros in 2021. For 2022, the ASP has planned to spend half of it, including the money to renew the contracts of a thousand temporary workers.

From the State-Regions conference came the indication from the national government to lighten, and by a lot, the Covid machine, sBut without running the risk of being caught unprepared in the event that the Coronavirus were to recur with force.

In the transition from the end of the state of emergency to normality (hopefully definitive soon), accepting the address of the Region, the director general of the Palermo ASP, Daniela Faraoni, made a survey and decided to renew all the contracts expired on March 31, but with a strong reduction in the hours of job of precarious workers. Sifting through the resolutions published on the portal you have a complete photograph.

Fixed-term contracts

Fixed-term contracts for healthcare personnel – 180 professional profiles – have been extended until 31 December 2022. There are 78 nurses, 101 socio-health workers and a medical manager. In their case, the maximum limit of 140 hours per month was also maintained.

At maturity, stabilization is looming. To fill the holes in organic plants regardless of the Covid emergency, in fact, doctors, nurses, social health workers, laboratory and radiology technicians, biologists, pharmacists are needed.

This staff has been in need for some time and the permanent position seems to be a concrete possibility in the structures that are part of the ASP, including the Ingrassia hospitals in Palermo, Civico di Partinico, Cimino di Termini Imerese, Bianchi di Corleone and SS. Madonna dell’alto in Petralia Sottana.

There are also covered health profiles for emergencies Covid with coordinated and continuous collaboration agreements. These have been extended until June 30, but with a reduction in working hours to 20 hours per week with a cut of 40%.

The large number of posted workers are part of the contracts charged to the ASP in the hub of the Mediterranean Fair managed by the Emergency Commissioner’s office, where 93 doctors and 27 biologists work.

Contracts Co.Co.Co

The question of administrators and other non-sanitary profiles is clearly different from a future perspective. Co.Co.Co contracts have been renewed until June 30thwith the reduction of hours and without the prospect of stabilization. The recruitment took place with the click daytherefore without selection, and this is not the procedure for being enrolled in the public administration, which is accessed only and exclusively with a public competition.

It is 714 hired including technical assistants, assistants, IT experts and engineers. More than half – 498 – are on duty at the Mediterranean Fair, but with a reduction to twenty hours a week. The office of the Commissioner for the Covid emergency in Palermo, led by choice of the Musumeci government by Renato Costa, had asked the ASP to keep everyone on duty and at most hours.

Administrative, 19 posts and 221 fixed-term contracts

Just one example to photograph the situation: in the organic plant of the ASP, also following the many stabilizations implemented in the last three years under the direction of Faraoni, there are only 19 administrative assistant posts available compared to the 221 currently hired. In short, there isn’t and there won’t be room for everyone.

The accounts are square

Of the 75 million euros, on a 1.9 billion budget (including agreements with private health facilities), spent in 2021 to tackle the pandemic, the ASP of Palermo covered just over 40 with emergency funds allocated by the national government which also drew on EU funds.

Another 35 million the Asp it has “recovered” them because the pandemic has blocked “health mobility”. The sick did not go anywhere else and chose to be treated in the hospitals of Palermo and the province. Or worse, they were forced to postpone treatment, given the conversion of entire wards to Covid hospital. So the company made ends meet.

End of emergency, end of national funds

From March 31st, at least for the moment then who knows, the tap of the Roman funds, however, was closed. The Regions and Asps must rely only on their own resources. This means that between the 35 million that is expected to be spent for 2022 and the 35 that the ASP will have to shell out for healthcare mobility which, it is assumed, will start again, the budget starts at less than 70 million euros compared to 2021.

More or less it goes like this everywhere. The Region and the Asps need to make ends meet. The balance between the duty to face a possible new Covid wave is very fine and the need to guarantee health services for all other pathologies.

There is not only the Coronavirus

There is not only the Coronavirus. People get sick and need to be treated with the best care. That’s why the Covid machine will be downsized. Not right away, though. In the meantime, albeit with reduced hours, the vast majority of the 9,000 temporary workers obtained the extension of the contract. For many, the path to stabilization will begin. For the others, all or most of the administrators, the work is over.

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