How much do featherweight tickets cost in Monterrey? millennial group

To break the piggy bank! Featherweight concert prices have been released, so we tell you How much does it cost to see it at Mobil Super Stadium in Monterrey,

Hassan Emilio Cabende Laiza, the birth name of the famous singer, has become a huge success in the last year, so with his ‘Doble P’ tour he will be performing in different cities of Mexico including Sultana del Norte. Next November 8th.

The 24-year-old singer will sing his greatest hits ‘She Dances Alone’, ‘The Baby’, ‘El Bellicon’, ‘At Night’Also includes songs from his third studio album, Genesis. ‘Pastel Pink’, ‘Tulum’, ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘Bye’, ‘Luna’.

Featherweight is an artist that has grown rapidly and has produced artists such as Bizarrap, Grupo Frontera, Eslabon Armado, Becky G and Luis R. Collaborated with Konrikes.

How to buy on Ticketmaster?

First of all it is recommended Create an account at the Ticket Office and enter bank details in advance.

After pre sale dayA waiting room will open to enter the virtual queue, so It is recommended that you log in 15 minutes earlier Marked time.

It is requested that don’t refresh the page As this may take you out of the virtual queue and you will have to queue again, running the risk of not getting the ticket.

Once inside, it is advised not to take much time in choosing the seats or proceeding with the payment. Depending on the event, you are entitled to purchase 4 to 6 tickets per person (and per card).

How much does a ticket to see Featherweight in Monterey cost?

Check out the price list for the famous featherweight singer’s ‘Double P’ tour in Monterey:

  • VIP Court:
  • Gold Court:
  • First Level 1A. Base:
  • First Central Level:
  • Second VIP Level:
  • Second Level 3E Base:
  • Third Level First Base:
  • Third Central Level:
  • Third Level Third Base:

Featherweight Concert Map

Below we show you how the sections will be divided at the Mobil Super Stadium in San Nicolás de los Garza Municipality.

Mobil super stadium map. Specific

This is the potential featherweight setlist

feather weight. Photo: Exclusive

It is unknown which songs she will perform in her concert, however, this list is based on her past performances, so she is expected to sing:

  • bellicon
  • lagoon
  • pastel pink
  • in my world
  • Rubicon
  • hunger strike
  • new life
  • Channel
  • 77
  • girls
  • Falcon
  • always excellent
  • Blue
  • Bye
  • moon
  • At night
  • Child
  • Bizarre Session #55
  • Lady Gaga
  • AMG
  • she dances alone
  • PRC


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