How much do former soccer players earn in talacha? This is how it works in the US

Cesar Arturo Ramoswhistler at the 2018 Russia World Cup, is in charge of whistle the Mariachi Cup Final between Toros de Atlanta and Chivas Alabama, clubs that disbursed between 40 thousand and 60 thousand dollarsat least, to get hold of the best possible players on the US amateur circuit, many of them former Liga MX playersfrom professional clubs in Central America or even from South America.

The rojiblanco team this time boasts among its squad Dionicio Escalante, Jorge Sanchez and Cesar Ibanez, all of them former players of the Mexican First Division who no longer received more opportunities, and that helps him to keep the crown to achieve a bichampionship which is accompanied by 80 thousand dollars prize after a couple of days of activity to ‘full’ in the Silverback Stadiumagain crammed with migrants from Atlanta.

In return, each of its members will be rewarded with a good amount of dollarsalthough those who were professionals will pocket among 2 thousand and 2 thousand 500 dollarss (between 40,000 and 50,000 Mexican pesos), a payment to which they would only aspire if they remained at a professional level in Mexico. To clean the booties and look for a new challenge.

Semi-professional soccer, a phenomenon in the American Union

The above figures were shared by Julio Roaorganizer of the aforementioned Cup when recalling what happened in the 2021 edition, although he affirms that there are owners who are more daring and pay larger amounts, all in order to have champion clubs at their command. These are businessmen, some of them contractors, and in general they are people who work hours in the American Union to get your money. It is her passion and they take her to extremes that are difficult to understand in other latitudes.

“As a player, you feel Messi, the coaches want to feel like a professional coach, and the truth here in the United States is crazy amateur soccer, this does not even happen in Mexico. You don’t live even close to what talacha is here, where each player is paid 2 thousand or 2,500 dollars. A match is paid at 300 or 400 dollars”, he explains in an interview with halftime.

“The owners arm themselves and to go to the Mariachi Cup a team spends between 40 and 60 thousand dollars, and there are teams that have gone crazy and have spent even more, however, they did not end up champions. Here it is working every day, so I think the only distraction is soccer and people live it to the fullest”, he adds.

To clarify how well they are doing, if a soccer player earned only $300 per game and played six games over two days, in the 52 weeks that make up a calendar year they would reach add a little more than 93 thousand dollars (nearly 1 million 900 thousand pesos at the current exchange rate), with the exception that it would have to be done without stopping, so the figure must be taken with caution.

Professionals arrive from Central America

The names mentioned above are added to those of Carlo Costly, Javier Cortés, Juan Arango, Johnny Magallón, Walter Ayoví countless more ex-professionals who come to the American courts to stay active, to be competitive and also to earn money. But these cases of ex-professionals is not the only phenomenon, because active playersespecially from Central American leagues, they prefer to stop and travel for a few days because of how well they pay.

“Imagine that active players came to play the Mariachi Cup and the directors said “we can’t do anything”, “they are paid more”, “they are unemployed” and there are players from the Central American leagues who have come to play in the United States, work here and earn quite well. The same for the Mexican, with so many players already retired, there are many players who dedicate themselves only to that and they are somewhat mercenary because they are playing everywhere. They play 8 or 9 games a week, tournaments”, adds Roa.

And it is precisely that quality of players and the range of nationalities that calls for the nostalgia of the migrant, who prefers to see the amateur soccer before getting into Major League Soccer stadiums. There you can share moments with your former idols, remember the clubs they supported and even celebrate by their side, an experience that is well worth paying for.

How much does a soccer driller earn in the United States?

Former professional players and even those currently playing in Central America see a good showcase for semi-professional soccer in the United Stateswhere the pay is very good as you can see:

  • Pay per game to players A: from 300 to 400 dollars (6,100 to 8,100 Mexican pesos).
  • What he would earn if he played six games over the weekend: 1,800 to 2,400 dollars (36,654 to 48,872 Mexican pesos).
  • What he would earn with 24 games a month: 7,200 to 9,600 dollars (146,617 to 195,489 Mexican pesos).
  • If he plays six games every weekend in 52 weeks of the year: 93 thousand 600 to 124 thousand 800 dollars (1 million 893 thousand 805 to 2 million 541 thousand 364 Mexican pesos).

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