How much does a Coca-Cola cost at a Toledo bar is now being discussed all over TikTok

Tik Tok user @ronicrazy Published how much did a Coca-Cola drink cost him at a bar in Toledo? and it got all sorts of comments because some thought it was more normal than you think and others didn’t.

“Friends, if you are going to come to Toledo… Coca-Cola costs 4.10 euros”, warned as soon as the video began, which has over 130,000 views and over 2,600 likes. “Toledo is burning,” he added immediately afterwards with some sarcasm.

The value of other products also did not go unnoticed. Orange flavored Fanta also cost €4.10. So it was intuitive that soft drinks cost about the same. American coffee and decaf coffee also surprised you: 3.10 euros each.

For lunch he ordered a portion of tripe for 17.50 euros; meat lasagna for 16.20 euros and some spaghetti with bolognese also for 16.20 euros. In total the bill came out to 70.20 euros. A price that has harmed many users by more than The publication collected 2,000 comments.

On the one hand, they told him that “Going to Toledo to eat spaghetti and lasagna is showing them that.”and others who noted that this price has almost normalized since it is the center of Toledo, just as it is in the center of Madrid.

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