How much does a systems engineer earn? Good salary with great demandPart-time


One of the careers that has become more relevant in recent years is Systems Engineering, which can be applied to various topics in the creation of products. For this reason, we tell you about how much is the monthly salary they have in Mexico.

What does a systems engineer do?

A systems engineer reviews all aspects of a project or system so that it can work properly or, where appropriate, fix the problem within the project. This can occur in software, for transportation, for the development and manufacture of products, among other things.

One of the disciplines that has gained a lot of territory in recent years has been computerstystems engineer due to the advancement of technology, which has helped the development of new digital works or the improvement of many more that were already established.

Systems Engineering Salary

According to the Glasdoor site, in January 2023 in Mexico the average monthly salary for a worker is 19,872 Mexican pesos. The lowest registered salary is 10,000 pesos and the highest is close to 49,000 Mexican pesos.

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