How much does CR7 jersey with Al-Nassr cost? Price and where to buy Half time

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With the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Saudi cadre, Ahe-Nassr, Some collectors and fans of the Lusitanian footballer have interested in purchase the equipement of the Middle East team to add it to its catalog of jerseys, which in a few years could increase its value due to the exotic nature of the team.

Since the T shirt it was not made by some famous brand like Nike, Puma or Adidas, in Mexico it’s not possible get it in some physical storeso those interested should buy it on the official website of the team.

How much does the Al-Nassr jersey cost?

Faced with the complications of getting the Al-Nassr home jersey in Mexico, the way plus safe to get it is buying it in it website of the Saudi team.

The price and worldwide shipping

The team’s home jersey, which it costs 299.90 riyals (about thousand 554.39 Mexican pesos) and has international shipping on the team’s official website.

The bad news is that, for the moment, on the team’s website the jersey cannot be customized, so if you buy it on this site, it will not have the number 7 or the name of the Portuguese star.

Also, it should be noted that various sizes is it so sold out due to the high sales that the team has registered in recent days due to the incorporation of the Portuguese.

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