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How much does it cost to stay in a hotel that was inaugurated with a concert by the singer Beyoncé? The interpreter of ‘Halo’ returned to the stage after four years of absence to give the main show of the opening of Atlantis The Royal, in DubaiIn addition, he had the surprise appearance of his daughter Blue Ivy.

Among the 300 VIP event attendees who received the invitation, celebrities such as kendall jenner, Rebel Wilson, Ellen Pompeo, Liam Payne, and Letitia WrightIn addition, unlimited food, drink and champagne was offered in vending machines.

This hotel, considered one of the most luxurious in the world, is located in Palm Jumeirahthe famous tree shaped artificial island from the city of Dubai, and paid Beyoncé $24 million for her performance, according to the sun.

There was free food and drink for the event, plus a vending machine with 4 thousand bottles of champagne Moet & Chandon, as detailed by said British media. They had their special edition champagne: Möet Impérial Atlantis The Royal limited edition.

It is not the first time that the hotel company has held events of this magnitude, since in 2008, when the first Atlantis hotel was inaugurated, there was also a fireworks display that cost 5 million dollars, he explains. Bloombergin addition to the performance of Kylie Minogue.

What is the Atlantis The Royal hotel like?

The construction of this hotel cost around one thousand 500 million dollarsand it took several years to build, in fact, Beyoncé’s opening song was the song ‘At last’, as a nod to the long wait they had.

has more than 40 stories high795 rooms, 92 pools and panoramic views of Palm Island. According to the sun and its website offer several amenities such as:

  • Gold Plated Toothbrushesas well as other regular items such as combs, brushes and more, all complimentary.
  • Several pillow options to choose from.
  • Personal butlers.
  • 17 restaurants and 5 bars with 8 celebrity chefs.
  • Aquarium with 4 thousand jellyfish.
  • Dolphin meditation.

How much does it cost to stay at the Atlantis The Royal hotel?

This weekend Kendall Jenner threw a launch party for her tequila brand at the hotel’s Cloud 22 Skypool; with an estimated price of 90 thousand pesos per night.

While, the sun reported that Beyoncé, her husband Jay Z and their children stayed at the royal mansion suitewhose price is around one million 800 thousand pesos per nightwith four bedrooms, a cinema room and a private pool.

According to their official website, these are the prices of some of their rooms per night, it is mandatory to book at least two:

  • Royal Club Queen: 22 thousand pesos.
  • Family room: 30 thousand pesos.
  • Sky Terrace Family Suite: 50 thousand pesos.
  • Villa Sky Pool: 98 thousand pesos.
  • Sky Terrace Suite with 3 bedrooms: 110 thousand pesos.

Curiously, in Mexico there are also hotels in this range per night, such as the Presidente InterContinental hotel, located in Polanco, where President Joe Biden stayed on his last visit to the country. On this site there are rooms for around 290 thousand pesos per night.

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