How much has Tesla earned to date thanks to Bitcoins?

In February 2021, about 8 months ago, Tesla’s boss Elon Musk he announced to the world that his auto company had invested 1.5 billion dollars in the king of cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin. From that day to today, how much has Tesla gained (or lost) from investing in Bitcoin?


As Cointelegraph reported, Tesla owns roughly 43,200 Bitcoins. Calculating that today the most important cryptocurrency in the world has reached its share $ 59,000, we are talking about a BTC assets of 2.5 billion dollars. Bottom line, Tesla is currently earning around $ 1 billion from its initial February investment.

Immediately following the news of Tesla’s purchase and acceptance of BTC, the cryptocurrency saw a major rise in the 10%. Musk later decided to block the purchase of Tesla vehicle in Bitcoin due to excessive energy consumption e environmental damage of cryptocurrency.

The gain that Tesla is currently recording thanks to the investment in crypto the same obtained from the sale of cars in Q2 2021, approximately $ 1.14 billion (net profit).

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