How much has the US reduced illegal arms trafficking? Ebrard questions Ken Salazar

The Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard regretted the statements from a few days ago United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazarin the sense that it is time for results to be given in terms of security in Mexicothis after the lockdowns, burning businesses and murder of civilians in various Mexican cities.

During the conclave with senators from Morena, the Secretary of Foreign Relations referred to the claim of the American diplomat.

“Well, I reminded him, there is a Bicentennial Understanding, which is a document that was negotiated between the State Department and the Foreign Ministry, with the presence of the security areas, following the same logic that I just spoke about, which is which, What are the objectives for which you, the United States, are responsible and what am I, Mexico, responsible for? Because you are co-responsible for the problems that exist.

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He recalled that in this Bicentennial Understanding an action plan 2022, 2023, 2024 was approved. For example, the United States agrees to contribute with Mexico to reduce illicit arms trafficking to Mexico, it is an obligation of the United States.

“The question that I would ask you and I am going to ask the ambassador now that we meet, is: How much has the United States reduced illegal arms trafficking? Because that is in your program; a program that the two countries did together and that we also have the obligation to inform”, Ebrard pointed out.

He indicated that the next report by Mexico will be given on September 5. “We are going to say what we have achieved in what concerns us, and the United States has to say what it has achieved in what concerns them.”

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“Now we can no longer talk about the fact that Mexico did not comply, now you are going to have to report what you are doing, because in the action plan, which is gladly at your disposal, what I am talking about is established there. now; and, therefore, the results are binational”, added the foreign minister.

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