How much is Shakira’s IQ (intelligence quotient)

Madrid.- Shakira is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and successful artists around the world, who from a young age demonstrated to have a great ability to compose music, which led her to position herself as one of the greats.

The famous Colombian singer has been the eye of the show for several months since her separation of Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship because of an alleged infidelity with a young 23-year-old student who is today the official couple of the ex-soccer player, Clara Chia.

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That is why the media turned the topic into one of their favorites, but the break that the interpreter of ‘Día de Enero’ went through helped her create new projects and make her bank account bigger.

It should be noted that the song that Shakira launched in collaboration with Bizarre It caused a stir among fans of the artist and the general public due to the subtle way in which the Barranquillera attacked the father of her children, her partner and even her mother-in-law.

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In fact, despite the fact that ‘Session #53’ was widely criticized, there were millions of people who applauded the celebrity’s work, even going so far as to praise him for his intelligence and way of composing.

However, a fact that very few knew about the singer is that her IQ is very high, something that has been overlooked due to her amazing way of singing and the lyrics with which she composes her music.

Shakira has nothing more and nothing less than a IQ of 140and for this reason the artist has been compared to great figures, as Albert Einsteinwho has a coefficient of 160 and stephen hawkinswith a IQ of 160.

It is important to note that the IQ or intelligence quotient is a score that defines whether a person is above or below in terms of mental capacity.

The intelligence system is classified as follows:

IQ of 69 or less: Poor.

IQ of 70 – 79: Lower.

IQ of 80 – 89: Intelligence below average.

IQ of 90 – 110: Average intelligence.

IQ of 111 – 120: Intelligence above average.

IQ of 121-129: Gifted.

IQ above 130: Very gifted.

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