How much is the dollar trading this Friday, January 5: minute-by-minute information

After the third day of 2024, financial dollars accelerated to the $1,100 mark. Cash settlement rose nearly 4% to $1,089.62. Quotes for this Friday.

Friday 05.01

17:05 The blue dollar closed at $1,025.

The parallel currency rose $5 this Friday and ended the week higher.

Friday 05.01

16:26 The official dollar closed at $832.

The currency ended the week with a sale price of $832 and a purchase price of $792 on the Banco Nación exchange. Over the week, it rose by $3.75.

Friday 05.01

15:31 S&P Merval Index up 2%

The S&P Merval index added 2% to 1,025,308,900 units in afternoon trading in Buenos Aires, while Argentine stocks traded up and down on Wall Street.

Friday 05.01

13:23 New increase in profit center and cash with settlement

This afternoon, the dollar traded at $792 buy and $832 sell at Banco Nación, while on the stock market, the cash settlement dollar (CCL) rose 1.5% to trade at $1,107.12.

The MEP or stock market dollar, on the other hand, rose 2.4% to trade at $1,075.32.

Meanwhile, according to an index prepared by JP Morgan, Argentina’s country risk stood at 2,035 basis points.

Friday 05.01

10:25 Country risk is located at the level of 2018 points.

At Banco Nación, the dollar opened at $792 in buying and $832 in selling.

Meanwhile, according to an index prepared by JP Morgan, country risk stood at 2,018 basis points.

Friday 05.01

08:50 The blue dollar sells for $1,020.

The blue dollar will begin trading at $970 buy and $1020 amid political and financial tensions. The official price, based on closing $831.50 at Banco Nación and $811.70 at the wholesaler, represents a difference of 20%.

With these values, the dollar for expenses in foreign currency on the card will be $1330.40. The average bill across the system’s banks reaches $853.15.

In financial options, MEP will open at $1,050.43 and Cash with Settlement (CCL) will open at $1,088.39, marking gains over the past two days.

On Friday, the central bank purchased US$211 million, placing gross reserves at US$23.881 million.

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