How much is the wealth of Genaro García Luna and how did he report the Harley Davidson that “El Barbas” would have given him?

Genaro García Luna (infobae)
Genaro García Luna (infobae)

The trial against Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Public Security in the government of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (2006-2012), has already begun. For now, the judicial authorities of the United States have already defined the jury that will determine the innocence or guilt of whoever was the strategist of the so-called “war on drugs”.

The U.S. government claims to have countless tests against García Luna, who defends himself using his political and police careeras well as his closeness to high-level officials.

Among the prosecutors’ evidence is the wealth of the former Secretary of Security, which they qualify as “powerful evidence”. Part of this patrimony, according to the accusation, is product of the bribes that García Luna allegedly received from the Sinaloa Cartel.

As in the trial against Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, money from alleged illegal activities has caused a stir.

If the former official is found guilty and it is shown that part of his heritage is product of drug traffickingthis can be insured by the US government. Nevertheless, Mexico has already raised its hand so that García Luna’s wealth returns to the countryThis was stated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his morning conference on January 18.

Infobae Mexico reviewed the asset declarations that Genaro García Luna presented to the Ministry of Public Function, from 2002 to 2013, when he was a federal government official and this is what we found.

The wealth of García Luna, a powerful test for the US government (Infobae)
The wealth of García Luna, a powerful test for the US government (Infobae)

The highest point of Genaro García Luna’s political career was during the government of Felipe Calderón, as head of the Secretary of Public Security, however, he entered public service three six-year terms before, in that of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, as general director at the extinct National Security and Investigation Center (Cisen).

He was also in the intelligence and espionage body in the government of Ernesto Zedillo. When Vicente Fox came to power, he placed him as head of the Federal Investigation Agency (IPA), at which time, according to the prosecution, he began working with the Sinaloa Cartel.

During his tenure as an official, Calderón’s “super cop” filed 13 asset declarations, making public only eight, those that go from 2002 to 2008; in the remaining five, from 2009 to 2013, decided not to disclose his heritageright at the height of his power.

In his first asset statement, from 2002, García Luna said he had three buildings: two housesone of 450 thousand pesos and another of 522 thousand pesosas well as a local 214 thousand 546 pesos, all bought in cash. More a Harley Davison motorcycle of 194 thousand 558 pesos.

Just this Monday and as proof of the relationship between Genaro García Lyna and Arturo Beltrán Leyva, alias The Beardswas when the drug trafficker -through his brother-in-law- ordered to buy a harley davidson motorcycle to give it to the former Secretary of Security, as declared by Sergio Villarreal The big one, during the trial of the former official.

The following year, he no longer presented the same properties: now they were a localof 440 thousand pesosand a landof 450 thousand pesos, paid in cash. The official did not say what happened to the properties in his earlier statement, just disappeared. Regarding his vehicles, he presented the same motorcycle, lowering its acquisition value to 190 thousand pesos.

Houses, premises, land, trucks and motorcycles abound in García Luna's asset declarations (Infobae)
Houses, premises, land, trucks and motorcycles abound in García Luna’s asset declarations (Infobae)

By 2004, his real estate assets changed again, the premises disappeared without explanation, the land was kept and another was added with a value of one million pesos, bought cash. While the motorcycle also disappeared and said he had no vehicles.

Once again, García Luna’s properties moved in 2005: a new property was added to his estate, a house of a million pesos paid in cash, and the aforementioned disappeared. Now, he left motorcycles behind and bought a Land Rover Discovery van of 617 thousand 136 pesos.

In the 2006 patrimonial declaration, the then head of the AFI deleted -once again without explanation- his real estate and added to his garage a Ford Mustang of 220 thousand pesos.

Already as Secretary of Security, in 2007, García Luna bought two houses on credit: one of 2 million 350 thousand pesos and another of 826 thousand 800 pesos. At the time it was made another Ford Mustang car for 245 thousand pesoswhich he acquired in cash.

In 2008, the year in which he made his last patrimonial statement public, Calderón’s right-hand man once again disappeared without reason his real estate and vehicles reported in previous years. He now he only said to have a house that he bought on credit for 7 million 550 thousand pesos.

Between 2002 and 2008, Genaro García Luna only said he had income from his salary as a public official and, although this item was the one that grew the least of his net worth declarations, his bank accounts did increase considerably.

In his first asset statement, the official won one million 731 thousand 903 pesos per yearan average of just over 144 thousand pesos per month. While in the bank she said to have 265 thousand pesos in two bank accounts.

By 2003, his annual income increased to 2 million 63 thousand 313 pesosabout 171 thousand 942.75 pesos per month. While his money increased to 952 thousand 56 pesos in two bank accounts and an individualized separation insurance.

The following year, his salary grew to 2 million 162 thousand 231 pesos per yearlittle more than 180 thousand pesos per month. The money in the bank went up one million 324 thousand 999 pesos in a bank account and individual separation insurance.

If García Luna's income increased discreetly, his bank accounts did so widely (Infobae)
If García Luna’s income increased discreetly, his bank accounts did so widely (Infobae)

In 2005, García Luna’s salary rose slightly after exceeding 2 million 200 thousand pesos a year, 183 thousand 368.67 pesos per month approximately. While the accounts of him reached the million 848 thousand 596 pesos.

A year later, the salary of the then head of the AFI almost reached 2 and a half million pesos per yearmore of 200 thousand pesos per month. And his money in the bank grew significantly when he reached 2 million 704 thousand 789 pesos.

In 2007, already in the Calderón government, his income fell slightly, when he received 2 million pesos per yearabout 166 thousand pesos per month. Not so their bank accounts, which reached the 3 million 127 thousand 850 pesos.

Finally, in 2008, the salary of the Secretary of Public Security skyrocketed upon reaching 3 million 821 thousand 226 pesos per yearexceeding the 318 thousand pesos per month. In contrast, their bank accounts decreased, reaching million 33 thousand 316 pesos.

Meanwhile, García Luna’s defense has asked the United States judicial authorities to block the intentions of prosecutors to present information about his wealth during the trial.


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