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Nobody has many doubts that Zendaya She will undoubtedly be one of the most important actresses of the 21st century. We’re sure she’ll make it, if before we don’t see her tripping, drinking, or shoving her own demons up her nose, like she did to Justin Bieber more than once. Fortunately, the wayward child of American pop always had enough money to pay for his expensive descent into hell.

Over the last decade, this actress, activist and producer has become an icon of generation Z. Since she reneged on the Disney girl label locked up in light comedies for teenagers, the interpreter has had a privileged nose to choose her projects very well and carefully plan her landing in productions of different weight.

We have seen everything in his careerfrom a prestigious megablockbuster like dunesthe latest film by Denis Villeneuve, to pieces with a falsely indie feel like Malcolm and Mariea more or less estimable film despite the visual crusher with which Netflix aesthetically harmonizes (for worse) so many examples of its catalog.

Be that as it may, all these forays into film, television, the music industry and fashion have been increasing the zeros in her checking account and making her grow to the level of superstars. But what is your real fortune? What is the money spent on? These are the data, rumored and true, about his assets.

Your fortune (net)

The first surprising fact is related to the assets of the actress, which is not so high as anyone would imagine. Celebrity Worth Netthe usual source for calibrating and measuring the current account of celebrities with more or less convincing figures, affirms that Zendaya’s fortune ‘barely’ would exceed 15 million of dollars.

It is a modest figure when compared to the millions that fall each year to a music superstar or performers like Scarlett Johanson, the highest paid in the world in 2021. It is true that Zendaya does not have such a long professional career as the protagonist of black widow. We will probably see her increase her wealth as she climbs the ranking of the most outstanding actresses on the scene and her cache, already quite high, sharpens her arguments even more: “Pay me well and I will turn your movie into something gigantic.”

in 2018it was estimated that His net worth was no more than five million dollars.. The jump from him to the new Spiderman trilogy in the role of MJ has made this figure grow, to which we must add the income it generates in another territory than anyone else: music and dance. Her passage through the sixth season of the reality show Dancing With The Stars, a talent show of enormous popularity in the United States, brought her almost 300,000 dollars after overcoming several qualifying rounds. To that we must add the income generated by her first and only album: ‘Zendaya’ (2013).

It is its versatility the one that has allowed generate income from many different sources. She stands out as one of the most important actresses of her generation at the same time that she becomes, at will, an icon of style and elegance. There’s ‘Zaya by Zendaya’, her fashion collection launched in 2017, and her collaboration with brands What Tommy Hilfiger, Chi Hair Care or Lancômeof which she is the youngest ambassador in its entire history

Your relationship with money

It is obvious that the protagonist of ‘Malcom and Marie’, of which she is also a co-producer (more income) does not water her hedonism by investing in jewelry designed by Donald Trump on a night of hallucinogenic mushrooms, as happens to a good number of reggaeton players with their particular whims. Her main weaknesses are more conservative: two houses valued at several million dollars in Northridge and Encino, two privileged areas of the city of Los Angeles.

In fact, the actress has told on more than one occasion the anxiety generated by thinking about money or fame. He doesn’t feel a phobia towards bills, but he does have a slight Christian guilt that he may have inherited from his parents. “My hope is to have a career where I can be in a good enough financial position to do what I want to do, without worrying about other things. my mother is a saver, so I try to keep that in mind. Then my father says, “You won’t be able to spend it when you die.” Something like that. I’m somewhere in the middle between the two.”

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