How much money is needed to go to Cuba from Mexico?

This year, Cuba has received more than 5,000 tourists, especially due to the continuous air connections of companies such as Viva Aerobus and Magnicharters. Due to the geographical proximity and the high connectivity between several cities in these countries, visiting the island from Mexico is usually cheap.

According to the Mexicans themselves, Cuba is one of the cheapest countries in Latin America for its travelers. Among the reasons they point out for this is that the Mexican peso is at a higher exchange rate compared to the Cuban one. Something that we will analyze later and also that the complete tickets, round trip, from the DF do not cost more than 5 thousand pesos. Otherwise, it is a short flight and not at all exhausting.

The other recent facility is health, since the Cuban authorities no longer require a vaccination card or PCR at the entrance, something that Mexico was doing a long time ago and therefore its tourism in Cancun has skyrocketed in recent months. Another incentive is the upcoming arrival of the flagship company, Aeroméxico, perhaps by the end of the year.

Requirements to travel to Cuba from Mexico: According to the Embassy of Mexico in Cuba, Mexican visitors must present a valid passport for six months. You also need a tourist visa that you can get from any travel agency or from the Cuban Embassy in Mexico. It costs more than 500 Mexican pesos, around 23 US dollars.

A complete ticket must also be presented where the date of arrival and departure from the island is read. Evidence of economic solvency and information about the place where they will stay.


According to the Central Bank of Cuba, this April 25, the official exchange rate in relation to the Cuban peso, reflected that it was paid at 1.18 for one Cuban peso. While the International Trade, paid a little less, at 1.17.

Where to stay in Cuba? The island has a large hotel network of recognized brands such as the Spanish Meliá or Iberostar, Roc, Barceló, H10, among others. In addition, through the accommodation company, Airbnb, a house or room on the island can be reserved for a private worker. The prices of the latter can range from 186 Mexican pesos and up, per night.

Therefore, a one-week trip to Cuba could cost less than 10,000 pesos, that is, less than 460 US dollars, managing everything very well. The plane ticket would be the most expensive, at 5 thousand Mexican pesos. A lodging just over a thousand pesos. And in food and drinks, a little more than 3 thousand Mexican pesos.

Recommendations: The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico recommends traveling with cash, although currently magnetic cards, VISA or MasterCard are accepted in currencies that are not linked to North American banks. Another warning they make is that if you commit a crime you will be judged under Cuban law, not Mexican law. They also remember that Internet access is limited, only in some hotels it is free.

An extra recommendation would be to bring the US dollar, since the change in the “informal market” could be very beneficial, since it is more than 110 Cuban pesos for a “green ticket” from the Americans.

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