How much Pumas asks for Juan Dinenno was leaked

Cruz Azul already knows how many dollars it has to pay Pumas for its scorer to sign him for the next summer market.

Cruz Azul is interested in signing Juan Dinenno from Pumas.
© imago7Cruz Azul is interested in signing Juan Dinenno from Pumas.

The lack of goals is Cruz Azul’s biggest problem today, and there is no doubt about that, that is why thethe cement directive would already be working to forced marches to bring a nest striker in the next transfer market that can assume the role of scorer: Juan Ignacio Dinenno of Pumas is the great candidate.

It is so, that from the scree has already been filtered million dollar amount what The machine would have to pay in the summer for get the services of the Argentine striker 27 years old, every time I se has become a banner of the university team and an unexpected twist on the part of the auriazul directive to get even more out of your sale.

And it is that in the last days, it transpired that Juan Ignacio Dinenno I was for renew his contract with Pumas until 2025as his link with the university club ended in December of this yearhence Blue Crossor any other team interested in your token, could take it for a lower cost than they had in mind at the Pedregal to release its best player.

It should be noted that the renewal of Juan Dinenno with Pumas would not prevent their arrival at La Noria, however, it would almost double the price that the cement team would have to pay for the Forward born in Santa Fe, ArgentinaDue to the termination clause what would put the auriazul directive in its new contract to get higher earnings for the most valuable piece of their squad

How much would Cruz Azul have to pay for Juan Dineno?

In this way, Cruz Azul would have to pay an amount between 7 and 10 million dollars to sign Juan Ignacio Dinenno in the next transfer marketaccording to information revealed by ESPNbecause it would be the price that would have already been set Cougars to validate your termination clause.

The call ‘Commander‘for the auriazul fans arrived at Pedregal in 2020 and little by little he was establishing himself as the ‘killer’ auriazul, his best tournament being Guard1anes 202 with 10 goals, however, although in the Clausura 2022 could barely score three goals in Liga MXbecame the maximum Concachampions top scorer with nine conquests in his account. In two years records a total of 40 goals as a felinebetween League, Cup and Concachampions.

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