How much should you pay for jeans that will last forever?

At Net-a-porter.com, the cheapest jeans cost 124 euros (for a reason the Good American model Good Legs by Khloe Kardashian is a bestseller) and the most expensive, 1,990 euros (anyone fancy Valentinos with feather decorations?). It’s a luxury retail platform, yes, with bestsellers like shirts from The Row, handbags from Saint Laurent and ballgowns from Gucci, but the gulf between the prices of different jeans It is a symptom of an industry that is slowly waking up to the idea of ​​investing in clothing., but it’s still rife with fast fashion (a quick glance at ASOS shows that its sale of skinny jeans starts at an outrageous £6). So how much do you have to pay for a classic pair of jeans that will hold its shape and stand the test of time? Industry leaders and major distributors (who closely follow the brands we bet on and, more tellingly, for which we pay hundreds of euros) agree that it’s hard to pin down.

“The Levi’s denim offering includes several price categories based on fabric, construction, finish, trim and design details,” explains Karyn Hillman, product manager for Levi Strauss & Co. “We take into account all these factors when positioning a product, as well as when analyzing the market and the competition”. “The jean of a lifetime is different for each person and there is no style that fits everyone.: It could be a vintage 501 or a pair of wide-leg The Row,” says Tiffany Hsu of Mytheresa. “You have to look at the uniqueness of the style and material to decide if it’s worth the money, and also where and how it is produced”.

Libby Page, Market Manager at Net-a-porter.com, agrees that buying jeans is an emotional process linked to our feelings (everyone has gone into a trance when trying on jeans) and our pockets: “Ultimately, if you wear denim a lot, a good ‘forever’ pair of jeans will be one of the best investments you can make. you can do”, he adds. Here we tell you everything you should take into account before buying.


Obviously, Japanese selvage denim made on vintage shuttle looms will be more expensive than more popular cotton blends, so keep an eye on what it says on clothing labels – it’s crucial to check. traceability credentials of a certain brand in one of the most polluting sectors of the fashion industry. “Each jean company has different origins, as well as their own values ​​and relationships in their selection of manufacturers from around the world,” says Paige Adams-Geller, Paige’s co-founder and creative director. “Cotton, polyester, elastane and viscose blends can be produced at lightning speeds, but new textile formulas typically take Paige a year to work with. For example, her ‘transcend denim’, which uses a specific high-density fiber technology performance to obtain a very soft fabric that maintains its shape.

For its part, ELV Denim, based in East London, he handcrafts his jeans from used fabrics Otherwise they would end up in landfills. “There is a world of difference between our designs and large-scale manufacturing from virgin raw materials,” says Anna Foster, founder of this zero-waste brand. “The craftsmanship, skill and time that we put into making each unique piece is what makes ELV Denim such a luxury item.” Brands like Paige design by setting a price, but there are other companies that, if the clothing is more expensive, assume the cost, because they know that price is of the utmost importance to the customer.” For smaller brands, such as ELV, that is not it is an option.

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