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From a very young age, the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt they are news. The couple who managed to outshine Hollywood have a total of six children who steal their flashes wherever they appear. Through the networks, the heirs of the Jolie-Pitt clan grow, surprising their fans by how much they have grown today.

Maddox, Pax, Zahara, shiloh and the twins Vivienne and Knox are the greatest pride of the interpreter of “Maleficent”, who over the years became an example of a mother devoted to raising her children.

Angelina decided to be a mother regardless of nationalities by looking for her children in different countries. The American actress debuted in this important role when she adopted little Maddox in Cambodia in 2002, while filming the Lara Croft movie: Tomb Raider.

Then Pax came into his life and finally Zahara. For years, fans of the ex-partner have witnessed how much the offspring of the famous ex-partner who made more than one sigh has grown. Now they are all teenagers, except for the older Maddox, 21, Pax, 19, and Zahara, 18.

How tall are the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are celebrities of great stature, which allowed their children to inherit genes not only in beauty, but in size. The 59-year-old protagonist of “Bullet Train” measures 1.80so it is not surprising that their biological children look alike and at their young age, they almost pass on to their mother.

while the great heroine of the big screen is also the owner of a great height, 1.69. And it is her firstborn, Shiloh, who in the middle of her adolescence already shows the same size as her mother, with an average height of 1.65, at almost 17 years old, who will soon turn on May 27, details Life & Style .

The young woman inherited the perfect mix of traits from both parents, so it is customary to comment on the great resemblance she looks both with Angelina and with her consenting father, Brad.

Twins vivienne and knox They have grown a lot, and although they are the ones who go out for a walk with their mother the least, they surprise with their size. At 14 years old, they are already beginning to steal looks, just like their older brothers due to their joy and joviality, which they know how to show in front of the cameras.

Knox is already the size of her mother and that is how she looked last year, when she accompanied her to do some shopping at the supermarket, on an outing in Los Angeles.

Of Maddox many details unknownyes, like his height. Always reserved, his older brother at 21 became a strong young man, but he is not as big as his father or his mother, who in comparison he is a few centimeters smaller.

The second son, Pax Thien Jolie Pitt is 19 years old, and a height a little less than 1.69. The man born in Vietnam was adopted by Angelina in 2007, at the age of 3, while in an orphanage where he ended up after his biological mother abandoned him for being a drug addict.

The big sister, Zahara arrived at the artist’s home in 2005, from Ethiopia, being a baby of only 6 months old. The young woman has already reached the age of majority, which allowed her to start the days of her university life.

At 18, he has a height of 1.67 with 54 kilosdemeanor with which he already enjoys fashion trends, to the point that he shares some outfits that his mother already wore.

Angelina Jolie has managed to build a home with her 6 children, after the separation from Brad Pitt and with great zeal she takes care of each one of them, talking about how lucky she is to have her children, always positive and full of optimism for parenting. that he managed to give them.

“We have been very blessed to have a family of different cultures and races. We are all learning from each other, ”she said in her last interview with Vogue British in 2021.

Added to this revelation was what he had said a year earlier in Vogue India: “With my adoptive children, I cannot talk about pregnancy, but I speak in great detail and love about the journey to find them and what it was like to look them in the eye for the first time. ”, he quoted with great emotion from the days in which he decided to make them his children. (AND)

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