how the celebrity diet works

The Beverly Hills diet is for detoxification and weight loss: this is how the diet chosen by many celebrities works.

If the goals are eliminate toxins and lose weight on the Beverly Hills diet it is the diet that can allow you to reach them, provided you first consult the opinion of a nutritionist.

It is in fact a rather restrictive diet regime therefore it is advisable not to undertake it if you suffer from some pathology and without prior specialist consultation. In any case, this promising diet, developed atearly 1980s by Judy Mazel, author of the best seller The Beverly Hills Diet, would do even lose up to 30 kilos.

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But how it works and what it consists of? What are the contraindications? There are so many questions to ask yourself and then what should you eat? One of the most consumed foods in the Beverly Hills diet that American celebrities and not only like so much, is certainly the fruit, but let’s find out more.

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Here is the Beverly Hills diet that celebrities love so much

Beverly Hills is a luxurious neighborhood of Los Angeles where many American and other VIPs live. The Beverly Hills diet takes its name from this famous area of ​​the city that is very rich and lasts approximately 5 weeks.

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The Beverly Hills diet is based in the first 10 days on the exclusive consumption of fruit, especially the exotic one such as pineapple, bananas, but also melon and mango. This is why it can be very unbalanced from many points of view and it is good not to rely on do-it-yourself but consult a nutritionist and ask for advice before starting it.

Once you have overcome the stumbling block of the first 10 days based on fruit only they can start reintroducing other foods. Starting in the second phase from bread, vegetables, rice and other carbohydrates, and then gradually in the third phase also white meats, fish and proteins in general.

However, it is not recommended to introduce carbohydrates and proteins together in the same meal. In fact, this choice can jeopardize the functional efficiency of enzymes and the Beverly Hills diet is based precisely on the optimization of their operation. All this is possible thanks to a certain order of introduction of food.

In any case, since it is a very restrictive regime, especially in the first 10 days, this diet has aroused much criticism being judged to be unbalanced. Furthermore, calories are not counted, nor the weight of food is taken into account.

After 35 days you must proceed with one maintenance phase eating in various ways paying attention to the various food combinations. Not only that, Mazel, a former obese child who became the star of the diet herself, also claimed that it is important chewing. This process must be slow and with a full tasting of flavors.

Besides water, among the drinks provided there is only a glass of champagne. What if it goes wrong? For example, if you eat a piece of cheese, you can make up for it with a pineapple-based meal.

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Still being one very unbalanced diet is not based on scientific validity. Therefore, it is always necessary to pay attention to how to proceed with nutrition and before starting a dietary regimen always seek the advice of a nutritionist doctor.

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