how the Latino star shattered Drake’s record

Summer is approaching, the songs you will hear everywhere during your vacation are in preparation now. And Bad Bunny just might come with you under the sun. his album A Verano Sin Ti is a real success and has broken many records on streaming platforms since its release.

A Verano Sin Ti is already Bad Bunny’s fourth album and became the most listened album on the planet 24 hours after its release. In a single day, the 23 tracks on the album were listened to by 183.2 million people. Never has an artist exceeded this total since Drake and his 176 million.

All 23 tracks on the album entered the top 30 in global streams and 9 of them made it into the top 10. To top it all off, almost half a million people were online an hour before the Release Un Verano Si Ti not to miss this event.

Bad Bunny is a worldwide phenomenon and the first hit from this album, Moscow Mulewhich already exceeds 30 million views on YouTube, entered the playlist on Fun Radio.

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