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Kim Kardashian has announced on her social profiles the end, after 14 years and 20 seasons, of the program that made her and her family famous: Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK). The star, married to rapper Kanye West, has 188 million followers on Instagram, and another 66 on Twitter. A media success that, willy-nilly, is undeniable. But is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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“You might grin, but the Kardashians have changed the meaning of being famous», headlines the Independent. The article highlights how the Kardashian-Jenner family, through a TV program and today’s media, have conquered the top of the celebrity, becoming some of the most famous and followed people in the world. But their rise did not stop there, on the contrary: it has changed the paradigm of celebrity as we knew him.

Thanks to social media, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have transformed the way we are famous, thus becoming the first real influencers globally. In the early days of fame, Kim Kardashian was also one of the first victims of hacking and media pillorying following the publication of a private video of her own in 2007. Kim’s sex tape along with her ex-boyfriend she took her name out of Los Angeles, making her famous everywhere. Almost at the same time, the reality show that saw her as the protagonist together with her family, KUWTK, made its entrance on television, reaching millions of viewers in a very short time. «They became influencers before the world even knew what influencers were», writes The Independent.

Through the fame acquired with the reality show, the 5 Kardashian-Jenner sisters interacted with their fans and built an empire, becoming sponsors of everything: perfumes, clothing, toothpastes, books, cosmetics. In short, they understood how to turn every appearance on the screens into a marketing opportunity.

To our amazing fans – It is with heavy hearts that we’ve made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and numerous spin-off shows, we are beyond grateful to all of you who’ve watched us for all of these years – through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children. We’ll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we’ve met along the way. Thank you to the thousands of individuals and businesses that have been a part of this experience and, most importantly, a very special thank you to Ryan Seacrest for believing in us, E! for being our partner, and our production team at Bunim/Murray, who’ve spent countless hours documenting our lives. Our last season will air early next year in 2021. Without Keeping Up with The Kardashians, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has watched and supported me and my family these past 14 incredible years. This show made us who we are and I will be forever in debt to everyone who played a role in shaping our careers and changing our lives forever. ” With Love and Gratitude “, Kim

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The secret of their success, according to the British newspaper, was to reinventing the soap opera genre, modernizing it through reality. By opening the doors of the Kardashian-Jenner house to the general public, they have made bingo. Before KUWTK, celebrities had a sharp division between private and public life, there was a limit. The Kardashians have broken it, mixing the two spheres and winning the attention of the public towards the everyday life of the stars. The gossip before existed only in tabloid newspapers or in television srvizi: they have made it a product usable live, at any time.

In this way, they started that illusion of really knowing celebrities, just because they made viewers participate in every aspect of their lives: in practice, they were the first real influencers. Their key to success was then honed and transported to social media, thus allowing so many other people to emerge and become celebrities followed all over the planet.

The incontro with Kanye West was then the next step, which brought Kim Kardashian on the Olympus of the stars, with a seemingly unstoppable media and economic rise. In 2019, writes the Independent, the Kardashian sisters earned about half a million dollars for every Instagram post. They have become, willy-nilly, models, examples for millions of people. No one can deny the gigantic impact that the 5 sisters have had, for better or for worse, on public opinion. And now that their social profiles have become something much bigger than the show that made them famous, they can no longer continue to carry it on. The sex scandals, West’s candidacy for the White House: too much for a reality show. The time to cut back on the past has come. The sunset of their success, however, is not even seen on the horizon.

The conclusion of the Independent’s analysis could not be more eloquent: «The Kardashians have adapted the American Dream to the Age of Instagram. They rewrote the limits of fame, while social media rewrote our closeness to celebrities. They rode that wave realizing that they didn’t have to have talent, or achieve a goal, or be real to succeed. The point is: are you buying what they are selling?”.

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