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There is a new one malware able to escape most of the antivirus on the market. Marco Camisani Calzolari, the correspondent of Strip the news ahe warns that he arrives via e-mail and steals our passwords and then maybe even asks us for the ransom to get them back. And still can access ours Bank account. The only way we have to defend ourselves is to have antivirus and above all our heads: we must never click on suspicious emails and links.

Complaints since 2018. Yet .... Striscia, the latest bomb on Juve: who plays dirty to defend the bianconeri?

But it doesn’t stop there. We are all flooded with cables and wires but technology Walt Disney is creating wireless charging that will make a world without wires possible.

On an inflatable mattress .... Shaila Gatta, the most shocking confession of the Velina

Many Italian companies have been hacked and the data contained could also be used to make wire transfers. So once again you have to keep your eyes open.

The inf *** o Galli.  Rai disaster, as the professor on the scientific news called.  And the journalist bleaches |  Video

In one of the latest reports Camisani Calzolari had talked about the fact that it is often better to buy a new device, tablet, laptop, smartphone, rather than having the old damaged one fixed, even if only for one part. “But now something is finally changing, also thanks to those who have decided to make their voices heard. Once everything was repaired. If a screen breaks, today it is very difficult to have it repaired, the estimate to fix it is almost equivalent to buying a new one. And on a smartphone the screen breaks, if you try to fix it outside the official channels often stop ‘responding’ functions such as facial recognition. This is because some parts have a unique serial number associated with each individual piece. “

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