How to become fit after 40 years of age?

A reality: After 40 your muscles start decreasing. In the fight against aging, it is a silent but important battle. As we abandon natural physical habits for a more sedentary lifestyle, sarcopenia, arthritis and other conditions threaten to weaken our bodies.

However, There is a proven and simple, yet consistent antidote: strength training., Learn why this essential ingredient can not only reverse age-related damage, but is also the key to a healthy life into old age.

Why do our muscles start decreasing with age?

Lack of physical activity in our modern lives contributes to muscle loss. As we age, muscle breakdown accelerates, increasing the risk of sarcopenia, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases.

8% muscle loss per decade after age 40 This is a shocking statistic that underlines the importance of counteracting this process. And for this, it is not enough to do cardio (running, walking) but to avoid this decline, one has to pay more attention to bodybuilding. You may be healthy and fit, but you will live longer and better, especially in recent years, thanks to maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.

Antidote: Strength Training

Many studies support the positive effects of strength training on maintaining muscle health. This study shows that Six months of weight training reverses cellular aging at the genetic levelProvides the true source of youth.

Another long-term study shows that physical activity and strength are major predictors of longevity. But what’s more, people between the ages of 40 and 81 were also studied and no major differences were found in those who did muscle training, so at least in this section the main thing is lifestyle and not aging. .

Importance of strength for health

Loss of muscle tissue, a silent disease, goes beyond aesthetics. For example, sarcopenia not only affects mobility but also increases load on the skeleton, contributing to injuries and skeletal problems. In women, there is a rapid loss of bone density along with loss of muscle massIntensifying the risks of osteoporosis.

Beyond 60, sarcopenia adds to the potential problems of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and terrible back pain. If you want to avoid this, exercise your muscles, because once these problems occur, they will become more complicated.

The revelation of strength training

The fear of weights is often based on stereotypes, but the reality is that this type of training is necessary for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It is seen as something exclusive to athletes and professionals, or people passionate about fitness and bodybuilding. There is nothing beyond reality.

According to experts this is the ideal Combine cardio with strength and HIIT workout sporadicallyThat means high intensity, which will take just a few minutes. This is the ideal exercise cocktail for those in their thirties to live longer, stay in top shape and with intact muscles.

How to train to maintain strength

Strength training goes beyond lifting heavy weights. This includes bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups and pull-ups. A simple pull routine (for lats and biceps) and push (pectorals and triceps) is sufficient, adapted to different mobility levels and ages. what are they called Exercises based on our ancestral mobility, which are present in our DNA: running, climbing, lifting weights…

This approach focuses on exercises that involve the upper body, such as rows and push-ups, and the lower body, such as squat And deadlifts, A strong core, athletic legs and worked glutes are essential components. Training freeletics In this sense it can be ideal.

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