How to change Outlook password: Modify password and security

If we access Outlook from the browser we can change the service password from the settings in our account when we have already opened the email. There are two options: that you change it to improve security from time to time or simply that we have to change it because we have forgotten the password or key that we had in Outlook and we need access. In the first case we will do it from settings. In the second, when entering.

Change password

If you want to change your Outlook password we can access it from the settings. Access your account in the browser through and from here we will go to the upper right corner of the screen where we will see the avatar.

  • Open your account in Outlook
  • Tap in the top right corner of the screen
  • go to “My Microsoft account”
  • Your account settings and details will open

Here we will see some sections at the top:

  • Your information
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • rewards
  • Payment and billing
  • Services and subscriptions
  • Devices

In this upper menu we have to choose “Security” and it is possible that Microsoft asks us again for our password to confirm that it is us. By entering it we can go to the Microsoft security settings and, therefore, we can change the Outlook password from the browser in a few steps…

We will see a series of sections: Login activity, password security, advanced security options, “stay protected with…” But the one that interests us is “Password Security” where you should click.

microsoft security

Once inside we will have three boxes: current password, new password and a last box to enter the new password again. We must enter the password you currently use and then the new one you want to use. The new password must have a minimum of eight characters. In addition, we can mark a check that will force us to change the password every 72 days.

change password

Forgotten password

If we access from the computer and we have forgotten the password, we can change it if we do not have access to our Outlook account. The steps are simple and you just have to go to and enter your email. When you touch enter the password, you will see a message appear below that indicates: “Forgot your password?” and you must click on this link.

To forget

When we click on the password recovery link we will see that a recovery option appears that, generally, will be an alternative email in which we will receive a security code to change it. If the mail is not available or you do not have access, you can click on “I don’t have any of these tests” to go to a new form with different questions…

microsoft security

As you can see in the image, we can fill in a series of data about which account you are trying to access and at which address it should contact you. Fill in this information and follow the steps to change your Outlook password if you have forgotten it and want to access your account.

Recover password

From mobile phone

If we want to change the Outlook password from the mobile phone, we can also do it to access it from the browser on the smartphone or from the application for mobile phones, whether we have forgotten the password or if we simply want to have a new password.

From the browser the steps are as follows:

  • We open the abnegation of the mobile phone
  • Let’s go to
  • Go to the top right corner
  • Tap on the white button: Login
  • Enter email
  • Click on “next”

Once we get here, we will see the same section as in the browser in the previous case: we can choose “forgot your password?” to follow some steps that help us recover it in case you have lost it and need a new password. We must follow exactly the same steps as in the browser on the computer, filling in our data to receive an account recovery code in another alternative email and to be able to change the password with the code.


Yes we already know but we want to change Outlook password We must enter our account and follow the same steps as in the browser, touching the security section to modify its privacy settings.

In the case of wanting to change the password from the application we will not be able to do it. We can access the settings in the smartphone app but it will not give us the possibility to change the password from here. We can configure notifications, filters for email. We can configure the calendar, the applications or extensions, the categories, the language, the appearance, the language and there is even a privacy settings section from where we can modify aspects such as analyzing the content, real diagnostic data… or settings such as “delete history” or configure advertising preferences.

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