How to clean car vents? The do-it-yourself method that saves you money

The simple and cheap trick to sanitize the air vents of your car and say goodbye to bad odors

In the care and maintenance of our carOne of the aspects of fundamental importance refers to the air conditioning system and its Air ventsabove all to guarantee a hygienic and healthy environment. Some motorists mistakenly believe that keeping the vents clean requires expensive interventions by the mechanic to proceed with a professional disinfection. Actually there is one simple, fast and cheap solution.

In order for the car’s air conditioning system to work in the best way and be healthy for us, it is essential to dedicate periodic attention to air vents, especially in summer. By constantly taking care of it, we will avoid inhaling harmful substances and unpleasant odors. In this sense, there is a small but effective trick.

A simple and extremely economical solution.

The solution is simple: to clean the vents you don’t need expensive and fancy tools, just a small device easily available for only 2 euros. using one disinfectant sprayAvailable in all supermarkets, you can eliminate bad odors and toxic agents.

Simply spray the spray into the air vents: the detergent will be sucked in and spread throughout the system. By closing the windows and activating the air conditioning, the recirculated air will be cleaner and healthier thanks to the disinfecting power of the spray, obtaining a satisfactory result both for our health and for our pockets. Also, to keep your vents free of dust, you just need to clean them regularly with a simple cloth. shaving brush to achieve an impeccable result.

car vents, valid allies against smog

He car vents They are not solely for the purpose of regulating the temperature in the passenger compartment: in fact, they can also be used to breathe cleaner air on busy streets. Research carried out by theUniversity of CaliforniaRiverbank. Hee Jung Jungmechanical engineering professor, explained how to use them correctly with the following statements:

When you see polluted road conditions, such as a congested highway or many trucks ahead of you, choose recirculation mode and adjust the fan speed. Full recirculation at minimum fan speed should not be used for more than a few minutes as carbon dioxide builds up quickly inside the cab. If recirculation mode is needed for more than a few minutes, it is better to increase the fan speed to get a little more ventilation than a low speed.

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Fountain: University of California, Riverside

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