How to clean PS5 and DualSense controller? 13 tips to extend the life of your console

Dirt can deteriorate both the appearance and the functioning of your hardware.

How to clean PS5 and DualSense controller?  13 tips to extend the life of your console

We know that since it hit the market, getting a PS5 has been a real odyssey, stock problems are making the few units that go on sale last a few minutes (sometimes even less) but, if you have finally been able to do with the new generation console from Sony, we want to give you some tips so that you can keep it so clean as if you just took it out of the box.

We are going to start with some obvious things, but it is of little use to keep the console clean if the room where you have it is not. The first step to have a good maintenance of your console is to accompany it with a good cleaning of the place where it is located, especially the furniture in which you have placed it.

The furniture and the placement is essential for a good cleaning

How to clean PS5 and DualSense controller?  13 tips to extend the life of your console

On the piece of furniture, there are several tips that can be useful to you. You will have to choose a space to place it that prioritizes good ventilation, however, this does not have to be at odds with keeping it covered. Much more dust will be deposited on the console if you have it on a desk or a sideboard than if you have it integrated in a multimedia cabinet to keep it covered, although, in either case, you can choose to cover it when you stop playing. There are different types of covers for keep it safe, although if you are not concerned about aesthetics, any cloth will do. This is a piece of advice that you must value for yourselves, since whenever you decide to cover it, you will have to completely turn off the machine, avoiding sleep mode and making sure that you do not turn on the console at any time with the fabric cover covering the ventilation.

Having the console accessible is essentialthat you have the accessible console and perform good wiring management is important to facilitate cleaning. It is useless for you to keep the front and the cover clean, if behind the console you have a mess of cables that makes it difficult for you to access that area of ​​​​the cabinet and the machine. As for daily cleaning, do not complicate yourselves, it will suffice with a feather duster or cloth dust catcher to remove the dust that is deposited daily.

How to clean the PS5 in depth?

From time to time it is convenient that you carry out a deeper cleaning of your machine. Fortunately, the PS5 allows us to remove its covers without this having any consequence for the guarantee. With the covers removed, you will see some spaces and grilles where dust and lint can accumulate, and although you have heard more than once that compressed air is perfect for them, you really have to watch how you use it: we only recommend it for areas where dust cannot travel into the machine. Instead, a handheld vacuum cleaner yes it can help you remove this dirt in ventilation grilles. If there is a narrow opening where the lint does not want to come out even with the vacuum cleaner, you can use an interdental brush or even a clip that you have at home: any element with which to carefully remove this dirt. After this process, you can vacuum again to finish taking away the remains that have remained.

If the exterior has any stain or accumulated dirt that you have to clean, the ideal is to do it with microfiber cloths and with minimal moisture. Kitchen paper and some cloth materials can leave residues that end up inside the console, as well as scratching the shiny plastic of the machine. If the stain is difficult to remove, the isopropyl alcohol It can help you, but remember not to use bleach or abrasive products.

The DualSense requires special attention

How to clean PS5 and DualSense controller?  13 tips to extend the life of your console

If the PS5 already requires good cleaning habits to keep it in good condition, taking care of the DualSense is paramount. It is still something that we are going to have many hours in our hands and its design is not exactly a friend of dirt. Although there are already PS5 controls in many colors, the one we receive with the console is white and its careful relief to facilitate grip can turn it into a nest of dirt. To avoid this, there are two tips that, again, are quite obvious: wash your hands well always before a game session and don’t eat while you playespecially food that can leave residue on your hands.

Toothbrush, ear swabs and toothpicks can help youHowever, as much as you keep your hands clean, over time it is easy for dirt to accumulate on the controller. To remove general dirt, a microfiber cloth will suffice and, in the same way as with the console, try to make it as damp as possible. For the area of ​​the joysticks, buttons and crosshead, you can use a brush or toothbrush to reach the areas where the cloth does not reach. If the joints have started to darken, you can remove the accumulated dirt scratching with a stick through them. Although take special care if you are using an object that can scratch the plastic that surrounds the joints to scratch. If the control case has dirt embedded in the reliefs, as with the console, you can use a cloth with isopropyl alcohol or a ear cleaning swab.

Finally, we wanted to remind you that save command correctly in a case or in a drawer, it will help keep it from getting dusty and all kinds of dirt while we’re not playing. The same happens with games, if you use video games in physical format, it is important that they are kept in their boxes and clean, so as not to drag dirt into the interior of the machine. If you still haven’t gotten hold of the latest Sony console and want to know more about our experience with it, remember that at 3DJuegos you have our in-depth analysis of PS5 available.

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