How to connect with the right people to be happier

Our life is connected to the lives of many other people. Some we know, others we don’t. Just yesterday I was eating near a well-known person in the world of sports and politics. I couldn’t help but pay attention to his words. “If you want to be successful, it’s important that you connect with the right people,” she said.

be able to establish quality connections With other people it will open many doors for you, they will provide you with moments of happiness and it will save you from some conflicts. In addition, getting it is relatively easy since it is a skill that can be learned.

To connect with the people close to you, there is only one secret: the empathy. If you want to develop your empathy you will need to keep in mind some considerations. Start by breaking some of the schemes you have about people.

People are not good or bad, nice or nasty, sweet or bitter. People can behave differently depending on how they are treated. Treating them well is not a guarantee of anything, but it does increase the probability of connecting better.

To treat someone well we must start with agree to others without classifying them. If you try to label people, you’re missing out on what they’re really like. adopt one curious attitude that allows you to discover your interlocutor and search for connection points.

Don’t compare yourself to other people, or make them feel like they’re being compared. We are all good, regular or lousy at something. Also… Do you like to be compared? Well, neither does your interlocutor… In fact we are more alike than differentso if you make an effort at something, let it be to find points of commonality, rather than divergent points.

The attention is the key to getting empathy quickly. Everyone deserves a little attention, what’s more, we are in need of attention, so any show of attention is welcome. But… Do you know what the best show of attention is? Listen, it is enough to feel heard to feel good. So don’t interrupt, don’t finish sentences and don’t rush to respond.

“People can behave differently depending on how they are treated. Treating them well is not a guarantee of anything, but it does increase the probability of connecting better»
Thomas Navarro psychologist

Show respect for other ways of seeing life. We usually disagree about what is different from our priorities, but in reality ours is just a way of seeing life. There are so many prospects like people, so many priorities like lifestyles and so many opinions as points of view.

HE positive and constructive. Don’t criticize, don’t crush, don’t judge, don’t speak ill of other people. We prefer pleasant and constructive interactions; Furthermore, sitting around a table to speak ill of someone is not healthy, nor is it positive, nor is it even respectful.

oh one more thing look into the eyes of your interlocutor since in them you will find all the information you need to empathize. What we feel is more important than what we say and what we feel is shown in our eyes… So if you don’t look into their eyes, you will be missing the most important thing: what the person in front of you feels.

Well, we already have everything you need to connect with other people, yes, remember that once connected, if we want to continue maintaining a quality ratio we will have to actively maintain it. Do not forget, the key to quality relationships is in the communicationthe confidencethe I respect and the collaboration. Often, being able to enjoy a beautiful life requires that you have beautiful relationships with beautiful people.

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