How to cut bangs at home like a pro?

If there is one accessory that is going to be the hottest trend this year 2023, it is bangs. Its success is such that even well-known faces like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry or Megan Fox have not been able to resist it. Whether you are a fan of bangs or not, there is no doubt that bangs transform any hairstyle.

If you too want to join the bangs club, you have come at the right time! next we see how to cut bangs On the side, parade and open at home and how to cut it according to hair type and desired style. You can’t lose it!

How to cut side bangs at home: step by step and useful tips

One-sided or side bangs are, without a doubt, one of the favorite choices for those who love bangs. And the thing is that this is a type of bangs that is very easy to comb and does not give as much heat as straight bangs. but how can we cut side bangs at home,

as indicated by professionals KimrichThe world’s leading dry shampoo brand with its range of the best hair care products and award-winning formulations, the first thing we need to do after styling the hair is to create a triangle that ends with the brows and narrows to the sides in the center. Prime. The further back the triangle moves, the thicker the bangs.

Image of a woman's face with side bangs.

We collect the bangs from one rubber band, and the rest of the hair from the other. We grab the bangs in the opposite direction to the one we want. as we are told Kimrich, we need to separate a section of about 2.5 cm near the nose and hold it so that it lies flat. When we do this, we will create a diagonal edge that will indicate the place where the bangs will be shorter. And this will be our guide. As we cut, we’ll notice how the previous section is aligned with the latter and the same angle is maintained.

When we’re done, we put it in the position it will go in and check and touch up the tips so they’re even. To finish, we comb it and touch it up with the help of a hair dryer or hair straightener.

Cutting Parade Bangs at Home: Technique and Necessary Tools

other bangs that most like is parade bangs, A fringe with which we achieve a natural and careless effect. To achieve this, what will we do, as mentioned Kimrich, it will be to repeat the steps that we have followed to get the bangs on the side. That is to say, we comb the hair, we form a triangle that is limited to the side by the eyebrows and in the center of the head, we collect the bangs with one rubber band and the rest of the hair with the other . As we have seen in the case of the side bangs, we separate the bangs with sections of 2.5 cm and we cut and make diagonal edging until all the sections are aligned.

Once we get to the point where we already have bangs on the side, we’ll take the scissors and we’ll pare them however we like.

How to cut open bangs at home? Tips and Precautions

If, on the contrary, you want to choose an option open bangs, You can do it too. And we’ll do it with a technique that has revolutionized bang lovers. Through a short video, young influencer Camila Bravo teaches us how to keep your hair open at home in no time!

We collect a small amount of hair from the front of the head, which will be bangs. We sprinkle water on it and twist it in a spiral. The next thing we have to do is cut it to the height we want the bangs to be. After cutting, we dry it and comb it with a dryer. And our bangs are already open!

How to cut bangs at home according to your hair type and desired style

Once we know how to side-sweep, parade and open up bangs, it’s time to consider How to cut bangs according to hair type and desired style. Before taking the step of picking up the scissors, it is important to know what kind of hair we have. ie if our hair is straight, curly or wavy, if it is thick, thin or normal, or if it is dry, normal, mixed or oily. Depending on how it is, we will choose one or another type of bangs. Well, not all bangs suit all hair types.

Once we know what kind of hair we have, then within the bangs that we favor, we will choose the one that attracts our attention the most and best reflects the style we want. want to receive.

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