how to deal with work stress

He work stress Along with this, symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, irritability, depression also occur. Fortunately, this type of stress this can be avoided keeping something in mind recommendations To lead a more satisfying work life.

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Work stress occurs when work demands more from you than you can handle and you do not feel able to accomplish everything. it’s something like this can make body and head sickAnd May reduce work performance and quality,

this type of state can be short term or long termand in some cases considered “good” Because acts as an incentive To do things better. On the other end, “bad” stress Tea Harms physical and mental health and makes you less productive,

Work stress negatively impacts workers and companies

this deformity Affects millions of people around the world And? have negative consequences too much For workers and companies, It is important to identify what causes it and find effective solutions to prevent and combat it.

due to work stress

  • There may be a lot of work or less.
  • Not having control over what you do.
  • Not getting support or recognition.
  • Not being clear about what employers expect from you.
  • Dispute or violence at the workplace.
  • No stability or job security.
  • Not being able to balance work with personal life due to lack of time or rotating schedule.

symptoms of work stress

Work stress can manifest in different ways: physical, psychological, behavioral or social. Some are: Headache, fainting, palpitations, stomach upset, breathing problems, dizziness and vomiting.,

Too Anxiety, depression, irritability, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem and problems concentrating or making decisions, eating more or less than usual, drinking alcohol, smoking, isolating themselves or becoming violent. also added to list quitting or leaving work; problems communicating, fighting, or not being happy or committed to work,

how to stop it

To prevent and deal with work stress as an employee, it is important that you take care of yourself and the environment where you work. On your part, you can do the following: Eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well, relax or meditate, dedicate time to rest and do what you enjoy, have good relationships with your family and friends,

On the other hand, if you are the boss or manager of a workplace, you can prevent employees from becoming stressed by doing the following: Clearly define what they have to do and what each person’s responsibility is, set realistic and achievable objectives, give employees constructive feedback and recognize their work when they do it well.

It can also be let them participate in decisions about their specific tasks, give them more autonomyFacilitate communication and collaboration between teammates, Promote a work environment of respect and trust, In some cases, the person may also be given psychological support and training to manage stress if needed. It is a good investment because Employees who are not stressed are more productive and competitive,

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