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Manzana brings good news for those who are looking for exclusive applications for iOS, the operating system in which you can find interesting offers through the App Store. We are talking about paid games that you can download without investing money in the process. Just as you read and you will not need to add your bank details or any other personal information.

Unlike the free offers of Google play in Androidthe promotions of the App Store of Manzana they are more difficult to predict, because the company does not specify how long you will have access to the discount.

If you find an app interesting, but can’t really use it right now, we recommend installing it anyway and then removing it from your computer. This way, the app becomes part of the app library and you can reinstall it for free.

APPLE | Free paid games on the App Store

  • Ninja Mathster ( $1.99 ) : Improve your math with this cute game.
  • boomland ( $0.99 ) : Like its Android counterpart, you must demolish structures with carefully placed explosives.
  • The Secret Elevator Remastered ( $0.99 ) : An adventure game with horror elements included to keep you on your toes.
  • Rain Drop Catcher ( $0.99 ) : Nothing is quite as relaxing as watching the rain fall, so why not learn to catch them this time too?

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