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To dress well it is not necessary to follow all the fashion trends, because when a certain age is reached you have to take care of the way you dress, since not all trends look the same on a 20-year-old woman as on a 50-year-old woman.

To avoid making certain mistakes when dressing, you have to comply with some style rules, many of which are related to age. Fortunately, in the world of entertainment there are many celebrities who enjoy good taste and an excellent way of dressing.

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These include Sharon Stone, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts or the veteran Jane Fonda, who despite her age, can continue to dress fabulous, the Instyle portal publishes.

Secrets of celebrities to look fabulous after 50 years

  • Invest in the quality of clothing.
  • Avoid excesses, because balance is the key to looking beautiful and elegant.
  • It is not necessary to give up any garment. However, very short miniskirts or exaggerated necklines can work against you.
  • Bet better on shirts with strategic buttons, jackets and blazers.
  • It is important to recognize that outer garments such as lingerie are key, choose comfortable bras and panties that enhance your silhouette.
  • Choose one or two jewels that you like and do not fall into the error of many decorations.

Tips of the famous to look elegant after 50 years

Julianne Moore makes it clear that turning years does not mean having to give up clothes with bright colors, because the artist knows that the color pink looks great on her and she does not hesitate to use it, so we recommend analyzing which colors are the best for you and use them.

For her part, Julia Roberts, 54, combines more sophisticated pieces with others of a more informal nature, her trick is to find the balance.


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