How to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy

Exercising provides multiple health benefits at any time of life, although the third trimester of pregnancy is a decisive moment for the life of the mom and baby inside, so special care will have to be taken with the movements you make.

Next, we explain in detail how to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancyso as not to take risks in the final stage before having your baby in your arms.

Beneficial exercises during the third trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special stage for the lives of women and that is why it is important that you learn to take the best possible care of yourself during this time and that you do all those exercises that will be beneficialboth for you and for the baby inside you.

These are some of the exercises that will help you stay in perfect health body during the third trimester of pregnancy.


A pregnant woman is carrying with her many more kilos than belongs to her body frame, even so walking can help that the circulatory system and muscles remain in perfect health during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Walk within your means And don’t try to force your body. There will be days when you can go on a real excursion and others when a simple walk will leave you exhausted, but the valuable thing is that you can give your body the movement it needs.

Swimming and aquagym

The swimming It is a sport that makes each of the muscles of your body work in a very natural way and without sudden movements. Also, if you do exercises in the waterthe weight of your belly will decrease and you will feel freer to be able to exercise your body without fear of damaging your back.

yoga and pilates

Yoga and Pilates They are very effective exercises that help you work your muscles and cardio, but with a low impact on the bodytherefore, they will be very beneficial to exercise without suffering any type of injury.

Many of the exercises are performed lying on the floor, so the weight of your belly will be less and will allow you work hard other parts of the body without damaging your lower back or overloading your legs.

Kegel exercises

The kegel exercises they focus on work only the pelvic floor and they have many benefits, both to help you at the time of delivery, and so that the consequences of this are less.

They are exercises that can be practiced standing, sitting or lying down and they will work the muscles of the pelvic floor so that when you have the baby in your arms you can continue to control your urine completely and enjoy sexual moments as before.

Now you know how to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy and what are the most beneficial movements for you and your baby. Check with your doctor trust before doing any of the exercises mentioned above, to make sure there are no contraindications in your specific case.

This information does not replace in any case the diagnosis or prescription by a doctor. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms appear in case of illness and never self-medicate.


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