How to extend the durability of perfume, according to a specialist

Have you ever had a situation where you love cologne, but after a while it stops smelling at all? Do you want your favorite perfume to stay on your skin longer?

“All perfume lovers want their scents to last as long as possible, but not everyone knows how to achieve this,” he explains. Business Insider Spain Barbara Jorge Marina, e-commerce and customer service manager at Abanuc.

Despite The duration of a fragrance depends mainly on the composition of the essential oils and the notes with which it is formulated.a specialist from this online store of designer perfumes, natural cosmetics and scented candles explains that there are some Valuable tips for increasing the longevity and longevity of a perfume.

Proper storage

Perfume must Always keep in a cool, dark place.

“Light and heat can change the chemical composition of a perfume, reducing its quality and longevity,” explains Barbara Jorge Marina.

“It’s important not to expose them to direct sunlight and choose a cabinet or vanity away from heat sources,” he adds.

Moisturize before applying cologne

Also pay attention to your skin type: dry skin tends to absorb aromas faster, reducing their duration.

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“Our secret is to apply a neutral moisturizer before spraying the perfume, thus keeping the skin hydrated and creating the perfect base that prolongs the hold of the scent,” says Jorge Marina.

Apply perfume to strategic points.

Never underestimate the importance of applying perfume to pulse pointsfor example, on the wrists, behind the ears, on the neck and on the inside of the elbows.

“These areas emit heat, which helps distribute the aroma more effectively,” says the specialist.

Don’t rub, just press

Although many people do this, it is actually a big mistake: you should not rub your wrists after applying perfume. It may break down aroma moleculesespecially the top notes – the first and lightest, which usually dissipate after 15 minutes – and affect its quality.

“Instead, simply apply gentle pressure to the areas where you’ve applied the perfume to allow it to settle naturally,” says Abanuc’s e-commerce and customer service manager.

Thin layer of aroma

Sometimes less is more. “Don’t overdo it with the amount of perfume you apply,” says Barbara Jorge, emphasizing that a thin layer is enough to leave a lasting impression.

“Remember that some scents are stronger than others, so adjust the amount based on the strength of the perfume.” In this sense, you can consider the differences between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne and fresh water.

Spray on clothes

Clean, wrinkle-free clothes act as Excellent surface for preserving aroma.

Barbara Jorge Marina’s recommendation is that Lightly spray the perfume onto your clothes, maintaining the required distance. to avoid stains.

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