How to get and use the buried treasure map in Fortnite Season OG

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Fortnite Season OG reached its third stage as of November 16. With it comes the addition of Buried Treasure Maps. Here is our guide on how to obtain and use these maps.

Buried Treasure Maps were first introduced during Season 8 and appeared again in Season 9 under the title ‘Avengers Buried Treasure’. This legendary item was added alongside the Snowy/Pirate update which added Frozen Flights and Buried Treasure.

These maps replace Port-a-Fortress as a new legendary item. However, it’s unclear how rare these maps will be. Fortnite has been criticized in the past for its spawn rate of other legendary items like Chug Jug.

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Where to find buried treasure maps

There are no specific locations for treasure maps. They can be found throughout the map regardless of region and do not require special instructions. These are all the ways you can find treasure maps.

  • Floor Booty – Treasure maps can be found. on the floor of any important place.
  • Chests – There is a chance that treasure maps will appear next. opening in the chest.
  • Supply DropsSupply drops can drop treasure maps. and they are the most likely to drop legendary items.

How to use buried treasure maps

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Discovering a buried treasure map triggers a beam of golden tones on the island, similar to a squad member’s map marker. When the The player holds the map and presses the attack dotted line materializes, indicating the hidden treasure address.

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As the player approaches the designated area, a visible Large black ‘X’ painted on the ground Point out the place where the treasure is buried. To unearth the treasure, the The player must use his gathering tool.

What does buried treasure yield?

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When buried treasure is unearthed by digging the ‘X’ a chest will appear instead. It is important to note that buried treasure chests can only be found using a map.

The chest will fall until four weapons of epic or legendary rarity; however, buried treasure may vary between games. By dropping multiple rare weapons, Buried Treasure Chests are more valuable than Supplies, which only drop one rare weapon at a time.

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