How to get the Runway Racer skin for free

fortnite The OG Season is shorter than any previous one, meaning players who want to unlock all the rewards available in the OG Pass will have to work hard to earn more XP and increase their account levels. Now, the Battle Pass isn’t the only reason to level up in fortnite; Players who want to complete Runway Racer missions and earn free cosmetics will have to race against the stopwatch.

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This guide will tell players everything they need to know about the free Velocity Chic cosmetics set, including the items it includes and the quests players will need to complete to get them all before they’re gone.

How to get Runway Racer missions

completing track runner missions

The Runway Racer skin will be available as part of a mission pack, but unlike the Coldest Circles mission pack, players will not have to purchase it from their platform store – it will be automatically added to their account.

Anyone who logs in fortnite Between November 16 and December 11, 2023, you will receive Runway Racer missions. Although the missions will be unobtainable afterwards, those who got them in time will have up to January 1, 2024, to complete them before they disappear forever. Fans who miss out on these items will be able to unlock them later, as they may come to the Item Shop in the future.

How to Unlock Runway Racer Cosmetic Items

Track runner masks and items.

All items in the Velocity Chic set can be unlocked for free as long as players complete Runway Racer missions before January 1. The missions require players to level up their accounts quite a bit, but they have almost two months to do so. Here are all the Runway Racer missions and what cosmetics they will unlock:

  • Earn 5 account levels: Premiere Poms Collection Tool
  • Earn 20 account levels: High rush wrap
  • Earn 35 account levels: Car Clutch Bling
  • Earn 50 account levels: Track runner design

Players must earn as much XP as they can in order to level up. fortnite Count quickly and get these cosmetics before time runs out. Those who are unable to unlock all items may be able to get a discount on Velocity Chic items if they are sold as part of an Item Shop bundle at a later date.



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