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At 31, Selena Gomez is one of the most recognized contemporary icons in the world pop music, fashion and makeup, The artist has always stood out for her beauty routine, especially in the area of ​​her skin.

The singer assured that she takes great care of her skin and avoids any acne problems. She promotes the idea of ​​creating a daily routine to maintain skin health and evenness. Be able to prevent future problems. How does Selena Gomez get her perfect skin? Below we will answer this question and share some of their beauty tips so you can have ideal skin.

Daily Cleansing: Essential Steps to Prevent Acne

Daily Cleansing: Essential Steps to Prevent Acne

Cleansing is a key element in keeping acne at bay, it is essential to use products and techniques to properly cleanse the skin. You have to be careful with the products you choose, as they are very aggressive can cause big problems, such as dryness and/or allergies. Selena Gomez recommends choosing moisturizing products containing aloe vera and washing your face twice a day.

Additionally, the singer does a deep clean every night. This was done with deep cleaning products, Helps remove all accumulated dirt and grease During the day. This helps keep the skin free from impurities and the pores remain clean.

daily cleaning This is a basic step for skin care, But Selena Gomez makes sure to deepen the process to become shapely, healthy, and beautiful.

Moisturizer is one of the main allies of healthy and aesthetic skin. Every morning, after cleaning, Selena Gomez chooses a moisturizing lotion that contains sunblock, This lotion helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, such as burns or pimples.

sunblock included in lotion Help delay the appearance of wrinkles Or prevent premature aging and maintain even skin tone.

At night, it is advisable to use night creams that promote cell regeneration while you sleep. These creams combine the power of essential oils with moisturizing, because, Skin needs hydration while you sleep And deep nutrition to stay healthy.

selena gomez support Product enriched with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Take care of your diet: healthy and balanced

Food is important to maintain the beauty of the skin. Many fatty or processed foods are not good for your health including the beauty of your skin. acne problem They are often the cause of poor nutrition,

To avoid these problems, Selena Gomez takes a healthy and balanced diet, Avoid foods containing large amounts of fat And eating foods with many vitamins and minerals.

The singer definitely eats zinc-rich foods, like bread or chicken. zinc is a Essential micronutrients to maintain skin healthAlso to repair and detoxify the area affected by acne.

Another important product is the intake of vitamin A, which helps rebuild cells. damaged epidermis, A good food containing this vitamin is carrots. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids also provide hydration and elasticity to the skin.

Both towel and pillow are one of the key elements of maintaining hygiene and facial care. Avoid as much as possible They reused these items and washed towels with determination,

These should be changed every two weeks, especially face towels, to prevent the growth of bacteria. Thus, clean products are obtained For a longer time.

One of Selena Gomez’s recommendations is to avoid touching the face towel after applying facial lube, as this This can transfer bacteria and contaminate the skin. Singer recommends using new pillowcases and towels and washing them often to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Removing eye makeup is the key to healthy skin

Removing eye makeup is the key to healthy skinRemoving eye makeup is the key to healthy skin

Removing eye makeup is one of the most important tasks for facial health and aesthetics. This area of ​​the face is one of the most sensitive, this is why Deep cleaning is important. Stains such as mascara, facial masks or foundation should be removed carefully. In her daily routine, Selena Gomez uses micellar water to remove makeup from this area.

Micellar water is a product that contains cleansing agents called micelles, which completely remove eye makeup without causing irritation. Also, use this lotion Helps to clear pores and remove all impurities from the face, Singer advises letting the lotion work for a few minutes and then removing it with a cotton towel.

It is very important to clean your face thoroughly before cleaning your face. This means that makeup must be removed completely, clearly and safely. it is recommended Use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water-based products, This exercise helps in removing dust, dirt and traces of makeup from the facial pores.

many times Dirt accumulates in pores Without us realizing it. This creates a feeling of incompleteness and, if external agents are involved, major problems arise.

The cotton pad makes it possible to completely remove makeup from the face without irritating the skin. Thus, Skin can be deeply cleansed You should also never forget to remove makeup.

Use gentle exfoliants to prevent acne

Exfoliants are products that help remove dirt caused by makeup or cleaning products. this scrub Remove dead skin cells that accumulate over time, Selena Gomez recommends using a gentle exfoliator once a week. Thus, the skin does not get attacked and there is no risk of suffering from the problem of acne.

It is important to choose an exfoliant according to your skin type to avoid problems related to dryness. limit to Use scrub once a week It also protects the skin from negative effects. In this way the skin will remain beautiful and problem free.

One of the products most recommended by Selena Gomez to soothe the skin is facial masks. Face mask contains Natural extracts and essential nutrients For epidermis. These masks help in oxygenating the skin to prevent acne.

One of the singer’s main masks are products containing extracts, for example aloe vera. This plant has been Selena Gomez’s favorite since Reduces dryness on skin, It also works as an antibacterial, cleaner and natural antibiotic.

Applying the mask regularly helps repair, soften and detoxify the skin. Are Mask is one of the professional recommendations Consult health experts to maintain skin stability and keep the face free from impurities.

Reduces stress to maintain skin balance

Reduces stress to maintain skin balance

Experts recommend reducing stress as much as possible. It helps maintain skin balance and health. Tension Affects the skin’s ability to regenerateAnd also its texture and appearance.

Experiencing a state of anxiety for a long time produces Negative effects on skin firmness and hydration, Selena Gomez recommends adopting some healthy habits such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques or physical exercise to balance stress levels.

Hydration is important when it comes to skin care. Selena Gomez always remembers her followers Drink at least two liters of water every day, This quantity is necessary to prevent premature aging, dryness, excess oil and acne.

water helps Clear away the remains of impurities accumulated on the skin, Drinking water also helps regulate skin pH levels and boost CLA to repair pores.

Use alcohol-free cosmetic products

It is important to ensure that all cosmetic products chosen do not contain alcohol. These products dry out the skin too much and cause dryness. Alcohol causes irritation and irritates the pores, which causes Major problems of acne. To avoid these problems and keep your skin safe, Selena Gomez recommends looking for products that contain natural ingredients and have low alcohol content.

A gluten-free diet is one of Selena Gomez’s recommendations for maintaining perfect skin. The artist follows this diet Do not eat foods that contain gluten such as wheat, barley or rye, This gluten-free diet helps avoid problems related to acne, excess oil and facial redness.

The singer advises to maintain a diet rich in proteins and vegetables balanced glucose levels And adequately hydrates the pores. Gluten causes tingling in the skin and by keeping the intake of this element low, we will avoid the problem of acne in the long run.

To have perfect skin in Selena Gomez’s style, it’s important to have a beauty routine in mind that keeps you healthy. these are Some recommendations from the singer To achieve ideal skin and keep it safe from acne related problems.

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