How to know if a stranger is connected to your cell phone’s WiFi network?

Just like you have a modem at home wifi network Your cell phone speed slows down as it becomes saturated when there are many equipment linked together, so you need to know if there’s a strange device that’s using your Internet without permission.

To prevent this from happening, you can use your options equipment Changing your password may vary wifi network Or set a limited number of users.

because of this reason techbit We will tell you how to know if someone is strange device Using Network Data wifi From your cell phone without permission.

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if you have a iPhone You need to go to the configuration section and the “Internet Sharing” tab, when the option to allow others to connect is automatically activated on your Screen You will see a list of equipment that link is yours grid,

If you find a strange user, you can change him Password from the same tab so that all equipment They get disconnected and when they try to log in again it will ask them for a new password.

for cellphone Android It will become more difficult to detect equipment Strangers, all you have to do is go to the Tools menu and select the option that says “mobile hotspot“, authorization to deactivate will be automatically displayed wifi And activate mobile data, click “Accept”.

Once you accept, scroll to the bottom of the page. Screen And you will find a section that says “connected devices“, By selecting this section you will be able to view the make and model of the devices connected to the network wifi From your cell phone.

unfortunately from that list equipment you won’t be able to remove it relationshipBut this would be the ideal time for you to change Password to prevent access to Strangers,

deactivate modemobile hotspot“, then re-enter the Settings section wifiSelect Change Password option and from there you can also change your name grid,

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