How to know if some AirPods are original

AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. (photo: CNN en Español)
AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. (photo: CNN en Español)

The high prices of Manzana makes users take advantage of the offers of Internet to buy discounted products; However, sometimes they can be sold devices fakes that pass for original articles.

There are counterfeits that are impossible to distinguish, but in the case of AirPodsthe two notable differences are noted in the sound quality and in the lack of features.

The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) explains on its website the details that users must analyze to identify fake AirPods.

This is how you can tell if some AirPods are fake using a website

There are many ways to tell if AirPods are fake just by looking at them; but if you can’t be sure, it’s best to try the foolproof method: ask apple.

The Cupertino firm has a Web which allows users check if their products are still under warranty. In this way you can check if they are real and best of all, it warns you when you are using a fake product.

Page to verify if a product is true.  (photo: Apple)
Page to verify if a product is true. (photo: Apple)

To use this website, all you have to do is is to enter the serial number of the AirPods. This can be found in 2 different ways:

1. If you have AirPods connected to a iPhone, iPad either macbookopen the menu bluetooth and touch the icon with a ‘i’ in a circle Here you can see the serial number.

2. You can find the serial number written on the inside of the case, in the space where the left earbud of the AirPods is located. If you have the AirPods Max, can be found under the left ear pad. A magnifying glass may be needed to read it clearly.

AirPods 3. (photo: Airpods 3/Jose Arana)
AirPods 3. (photo: Airpods 3/Jose Arana)

Once this number is located, go to the website, put it in the field that appears on the screen, fill in the captcha and click on Continue.

If the user is taken to a page that asks for the purchase date to be entered or one that says what warranty options are available to them, the AirPods are likely wrong. be legitimate.

But if, instead, you get an error message saying that Apple “cannot verify coverage for this serial number”, it is almost certain that they are false.

AirPods 3. (photo: Applesphere)
AirPods 3. (photo: Applesphere)

This is how you can find out if some AirPods are fake by finding visual defects

Apple has pretty high production standards and fake AirPods makers rarely follow through. If you look closely, you will find signs that they are fake on the seal, the box, and even on the earphones. Here are some errors to look for:

– Check the box and the manual to see if there is typographical errors. Fake products are often full of spelling and grammatical errors.

– The case is loaded with a Lightning cable, the same one used by iPhones. If not, then surely it is fake.

– The case must have a button on the back to allow AirPods to be paired with other devices, and this button should be completely flat with the rest of the case. If the button sticks out or feels loose, it is most likely a fake.

AirPods.  (photo: Apple Support)
AirPods. (photo: Apple Support)

– If AirPods are placed in their case and opened near an iPhone or iPad, you have to automatically pop up a menu which allows them to be matched. Otherwise, it is a sign that they are fake.

– Fake AirPods will not appear in the app Find when connected to a device.

– Once AirPods have been paired with an iPhone or iPad, open the Bluetooth menu and tap the icon ‘i’ next to the name. You should see one page full of information about them: if you only see the Device Type and Forget This Device options, they are false.

Pairing some AirPods.  (photo: AirPods 3/Jose Arana)
Pairing some AirPods. (photo: AirPods 3/Jose Arana)


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