How to let your hair grow to say goodbye to a buzz cut

let hair grow It was never a problem for the actor, model and boy cool Evan Mock. Sometimes blond or usually pink, that was his looks characteristic. Until she decided the time had come to let go short hair. “I’ve let my hair grow,” she told G.Q. last month. “My style is changing. I am evolving as a person, and I think it was time to say goodbye to pink hair. It was fun while it lasted, ”she said now that she looks a longer, straighter style.

The same goes for Justin Bieber. he carried short hair for a while before appearing at the 2021 MET Gala in a totally different style—longer. Once again, she looked great. Shawn Mendes has also opted for a longer style following his surprising decision to turn to the machine earlier this year.

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Shawn Mendes knows the perfect formula to grow your hair.

And while Mock, Mendes and Bieber change their style with ease, we wonder: how do they do it? As with most things, there is a way correct and one incorrect of how to grow hair. The truth is that it can go very wrong and that uncomfortable stage exists.

That’s why we asked Joe Mills, expert barber and founder of Woolf’s in King’s Cross, to explain how to do it right: “Longening your hair can seem like a daunting task, but follow these simple rules and it’ll be less complex.”

Keep the back and sides short

“What can happen when you you’re letting your hair grow it’s that it looks a little round,” says Mills. “My suggestion is to go a little higher with the machine or if you want you can keep the length as long as possible, it all depends on the product you use and how you apply it.”

“When it starts to grow out, keep the back and sides neatly trimmed to give it shape and look less unkempt.”

Visit your barber every two weeks

“Realistically, you should trim it when it starts to look scruffy, which will be much more regularly than you normally would when you have the very short hair“.


Set yourself up to visit your barber more often.

use products

“Never let it grow out of control, as it will end up looking fluffy and like you don’t care how you look. use a dry styling cream on top as it grows to comb it.”

“I recommend Kevin Murphy Gritty Business Clay Wax for men with straighter hair. To keep short, textured hair in check, choose a matte styling cream. Use a little less than you think: it’s easier to add more than try to take away too much. Once you have enough volume on top, you can start to comb it differently and throw it back.”

Make sure you comb it properly

“Almost everyone’s hair grows clockwise or counterclockwise, so make sure you style it the way you want it and not the way you’ve always styled it (a very common mistake),” says Mills. “This can make it stick to you. After the shower, dry it with a towel and, if your hair is fineuse a sea salt spray (it will thicken it up), or a texturizing spray if it’s already thick and you need a little more definition.

“Once you have enough length at the top, you can start to comb it differently and push it back, but once again, use product. If it sticks out, use a brush and direct the hot air where you want the hair to go.”

Finally, remember that it takes time.

“Be patient, cut back regularly to keep it under control, and find the products that work for you. Worst case scenario: invest in a hat“.

Article originally published in GQ UK.

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